Every day we throw away a lot of plastic containers: bottles, glasses, cutlery … However, we can give them a new life by reusing them in our garden or vegetable garden. How? Making it all our new garden tools. Thus, we will not only save money but also take care of the environment.

Get on the recycling car that we are going to learn how to make a garden with plastic bottles.

Germinated plant

Plastic bottles are excellent pots: they can be kept outside for several years since they do not spoil, and also the plants will be able to grow and develop without problems. The only thing we have to keep in mind is that we have to make some holes in the base for drainage (At least 4), and that the substrate that we are going to use has to be porous.

Their size is important: the plants will not grow as much in a 2l bottle as in a 5l bottle. When it comes to making a garden with plastic bottles it is highly recommended to use those that have a greater capacitysince this way we will not need to transplant so often; And in fact, if plants such as lettuce, tomatoes, spinach or cucumbers are grown, we can have them throughout the season in the same bottle.

Vegetable garden in bottles


To turn a bottle into a flowerpot, just grab a cuttex (or some sewing scissors) and cut the narrowest part. Afterwards, a few holes are made for drainage and the plant is planted or the seed is sown using a universal substrate that can be mixed with 30% perlite.

We will place it in an area where it receives direct sun, ideally all day so that our little plant has an excellent development. If you water frequently, avoiding letting the soil dry out, you will see how in a matter of a few weeks you will be able to harvest it .