When and how to transplant orchids?

Our Orchids They are one of the most elegant plants that are usually had inside the home. For many, they are the ones that have the most elegant and decorative flowers, as well as curious, sometimes even adopting animal forms. But so that they can grow well it is necessary that we change them from […]

Sunflower cultivation and care, sun lover … like few others

If there is any plant that can be considered a lover of the sun, this is undoubtedly the sunflower whose scientific name is Helianthus year. The plant produces only one flower, which is quite large, which It is positioned in such a way that it can receive the rays of the sun directly. Once the […]

Dianthus deltoides: characteristics, care and maintenance

A wallcovering plant is one that serves to cover all the empty spaces left in the garden, in areas near ponds, in public spaces such as walks, etc. It is like taking advantage of and using those plants that not only serve to cover the ground, but also provide a little extra beauty to the […]

How to make a garden with plastic bottles

Every day we throw away a lot of plastic containers: bottles, glasses, cutlery … However, we can give them a new life by reusing them in our garden or vegetable garden. How? Making it all our new garden tools. Thus, we will not only save money but also take care of the environment. Get on […]

How to choose the irrigation system for my garden

When you are going to design a garden, the irrigation system is one of the things that cannot be missing. But, Which to choose? Depending on the size you have, and especially the plants you want to put, one or the other will be more practical. If you have doubts, don’t worry. We will talk […]

Toxic Plants for Pets | Gardening On

All plants provide benefits: they perfume the garden, harmonize spaces and are even essential for the lives of other living beings. But some hide, in addition to these advantages, not so kind aspects. There is a set of toxic plants, mainly for Dogs and cats. Either through ingestion or touch, this class of species can […]

What is the care for Pelargonium grandiflorum?

The Pelargonium grandiflorum It is a perfect plant to grow on balconies, patios, terraces, and even in gardens. It produces large flowers of very showy colors, and its maintenance is not complicated. In fact, it is highly recommended if you don’t have much – or no – experience caring for plants. Would you like to […]

Tips on growing Gazania | Gardening On

Our protagonist is a sun-loving flower that you can have both to give color to your patio or terrace, and to create spectacular flowerbeds in your garden. Of course, we are talking about the gaina very grateful plant with a surprising peculiarity: its flowers open with the sun and close with the sunset. And as […]

Cockscomb Care | Gardening On

Have you ever seen a flower as curious as this? Its shape is reminiscent of a rooster’s crest, hence its popular name. It is an ideal plant to have in a potand a great option if you want to decorate the patio with not too common species. But how do you take care of Cockscomb? […]

Lilium: characteristics, types and care of lilies

Lilies, also called lilies, are plants that bloom during spring and summer. When they do, flowers of a fairly large size sprout from their stems, and of such cheerful colors that it is impossible not to focus on them at some point. One of the many qualities they have is that they can be easily […]

All about tulips: characteristics, species, and care

Tulips, who has not heard of them? It is even possible that you have cultivated them once, or that you are a collector. These flowers have captivated humans for thousands of years. They are small plants, but with a beauty that is difficult to describe. The shape and color of its petals vary according to […]

How to revive an orchid: know the problems and their solutions

Orchids are one of the most beautiful plants for our homes. Since they became fashionable, they almost replaced bouquets to give a living plant that, if well cared for, will offer us flowers practically all year round. The problem is that, sometimes, the care is not the most adequate and in the end you end […]

The most beautiful roses in the world

If there are plants that symbolize beauty, it is undoubtedly the rose bushes. It is true, the vast majority have strong stingers that can scratch our skin easily, but their flowers are so beautiful that a garden or terrace that has several specimens will look more beautiful if possible. Although it is impossible to choose […]

How to care for daisies

One of the most abundant flowers in spring is the one that I am going to talk about next. Surely more than once you have played like when you were a child to “loves me / does not love me” with its precious petals. You already know the name of our protagonist, right? It is […]

Is the meaning of yellow flowers

I love the color yellow, as it reminds me of the sun, at sunrise. And it is that, who does not enjoy seeing the king star emerge from the horizon? It is one of the experiences that we should all have, at least once. It’s really amazing. Fortunately for our garden, there are many flowering […]

Orchids: care when the flowers fall that you should give them

Having a natural orchid with flowers throughout the year, and lasting several, is practically impossible. There will come a time when the plant loses its flowers and you see how they fall because they have fulfilled their days. But, What to do with orchids; What care do they need when the flowers fall? If when […]

Lady of the night in a pot: characteristics, uses and care

The lady of the night is one of the plants best known for having an intoxicating aroma. However, there are many people who cannot have it planted in the garden due to lack of space or urgency. For this reason, we are going to explain to you what are the care that the potted lady […]

Is the meaning of red carnations

If there are some really popular flowers for their easy cultivation and extraordinary beauty, they are undoubtedly the carnations. Small plants whose petals have fallen in love with humanity for centuries. And it is that, in addition, they are very adaptable, being able to plant in the garden thus creating spectacular flower beds, or have […]

11 outdoor flowering plants ideal for gardens, terraces and balconies

When decorating your garden, terrace, balcony, surely choosing plants with outdoor flowers that tolerate the sun and heat in summer, and cold and frost is perhaps your maxim. And it is that, to avoid that they die, it is necessary to place species that can really be abroad. But What are the best outdoor flowering […]

Vanilla Characteristics and Care Guide

The Vanilla It is an orchid that not only has flowers with a high ornamental value, but also some of the best smelling ones. The aroma they give off is sweet, and many, many people like it. That is why I am going to explain everything about the plant that produces it. And, wouldn’t you […]

How often to water the geraniums?

Geraniums are very water-demanding plants, but also very sensitive to overwatering. At certain times of the year, such as summer, we have to control the irrigation a lot, because if we let the soil remain dry for a long time it could dehydrate, and if on the contrary we are pouring water on it too […]

Plants of the genus Cassia: characteristics, uses and care

In the broadest sense, gender Cassia includes about 1000 species of trees, shrubs and herbs, whose symmetrical leaves and flowers are solitary or arranged in simple groups or complex groups. They have 5 petals, which are usually yellow. They are widely used for their properties and there are different main species that are used more […]

7 kinds of lilies and their care

Do you know how many kinds of lilies there are? I’ll tell you: the genus to which they belong (Lilium) is made up of about 110 species, 110! With so much variety, it is impossible not to be able to enjoy a wonderful collection, since its cultivation both in the garden and in a pot […]

Zinnias Care | Gardening On

Image – Flickr / rachelgreenbelt Among the annual plants, there are some that are very beautiful and elegant. So much so, that his last name is precisely elegans. We speak of, of course, the zinniasalso known as Mystic Rose or Paper Flower. Would you like to know how these beautiful flowers are cared for? Let’s […]

Black flowers: characteristics, curiosities and examples

Are you one of those who like the color black? The most normal thing is that, then, when you see a black flower you get excited, although in the vegetable kingdom they black flowers Authentic ones are not common (they are usually a very dark purple or red that appears black at first glance). But […]

Camellias: care and reproduction. The best tricks

Our camellias They are plants used ornamentally both indoors and outdoors. It is a plant of oriental origin that came to Europe from the hand of the Jesuits. There are more than 80 different species of trees and shrubs with an infinite variety of flowers. All flowers have great decorative interest since they have great […]

15 winter flowers to grow in pots or in your garden

Helleborus niger Winter is a season that, in temperate regions of the world, is cold. At many points the temperatures are so low that they force the plants to completely stop almost all their activities. But, even with these conditions, there are different species that flourish. While there are not many winter flowersespecially if we […]

15 plants with white flowers to give away

There are many plants that produce white flowers, and there is a wide variety of them that are ideal for gifts. As sometimes the experience that the lucky person has in caring for pots is not known, it is best to opt for species that are known in advance that do not require special care. […]

How to remove dead flowers to promote blooming?

To ensure an abundant and continuous flowering in our annuals and perennials we must eliminate the wilted flowers. In this way, we will make them look more beautiful, since we will reduce the risk that those petals that are drying out become a source of infections. Here are some tips to help you do it […]

Paeonia officinalis: What is it, names, properties and where to find it

In the world of botany, an endless number of plants and their properties have been investigated. Today many vegetables are known that have a high contribution of benefits to our health. One of these plants is the Paeonia officinalisa precious flower native to Europe. It has many active ingredients and chemical compounds that give it […]

Echinacea: characteristics, types, cultivation and uses

Echinacea are plants that reach a height of up to 2 meters, and that have large flowers that attract a multitude of beneficial insects which is why they are very interesting to grow in or near orchards, as well as in gardens. In addition, they can be adapted to live in pots, so you can […]

Recover a dried orchid | Gardening On

One of the plants that has become common in homes is the orchid. These one-, two-, or three-stem plants can easily be found in florists as well as supermarkets. The problem is that, sometimes, it can suffer and end up dying. But what do we tell you that you can retrieve a dried orchid? Obviously, […]

How to plant seedless garlic in a pot: characteristics and tips

Since garlic is one of the most used foods in Mediterranean cuisine, it is essential to know well how it should be sown. It is used not only because of its flavor, but also because of its many nutritional properties that are good for health. It is a good preservative for food and has antibiotic […]

How to know if my orchid is dead

When you have an orchid for a few months, you know that the flowers wither and that the previously precious stem begins to lose its greenness and dry out. At that moment it is normal to wonder every time you look at her “How do you know if my orchid is dead?” It is a […]

Plant Calla Lilies: How and When to Grow Them and Aftercare

If you are considering planting calla lilies, I can assure you that it is a good idea. It is a fairly simple plant to grow and care for, either in pots or in the garden soil. The sturdy bush produces delicate and precious flowers with little effort on our part. Depending on the region in […]

Hydrangea quercifolia: characteristics, uses, cultivation and care

One of the plants that has the most landscape interest during spring and summer is the hydrangea quercifolia. It is a plant that recruit a wide variety of colors for its foliage. In the fall season, the leaves are deep purple-red in color and have dried flower heads that provide great ornamental interest. It has […]

The meaning of the best known flowers and their history

Beautiful flowers are one of the greatest expressions of beauty. Nature has gifted us with such beautiful flowers that it is often difficult to decide which one is your favorite. The meaning of flowers vary according to the type of flower. There are thousands of meanings, but we are going to summarize the meaning of […]

How to plant potted tulips: When and how to do it step by step

Among the most popular flowers to decorate our home are tulips. You don’t have to have a garden to have these beautiful plants, We can also sow them in pots. But how to plant potted tulips? We will answer this question by explaining step by step what to do. But before that, we will also […]

8 types of ornamental thistles for gardens or terraces

Image – Flickr / Anthony Pena // Cirsium Decorative thistles? You might think we’ve gone crazy. These plants are heavily armed with thorns: even their flowers have! But that is why we recommend that you take them into account when designing your garden or terrace. And it is that with them you can prevent some […]

Characteristics and care of the Triteleia plant

Triteleia are a genus of about 15 species of perennials with loose umbels of star-shaped flowers, all native to the western United States. The color of the flowers ranges from deep blue to pale purple blue and almost white. Easy to growr, undemanding, beautiful and adaptable, this plant is a decorative plant in home, country […]

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