How often to water the geraniums?

Geraniums are very water-demanding plants, but also very sensitive to overwatering. At certain times of the year, such as summer, we have to control the irrigation a lot, because if we let the soil remain dry for a long time it could dehydrate, and if on the contrary we are pouring water on it too often, we will lose our plants since your root system will not be able to absorb it all, since on the one hand it will not need it, and on the other it will not be prepared to do so.

And is that these plants do not like to have “wet feet”, as they say. Every effort should be made to keep them properly hydrated, as this will ensure that they produce their wonderful flowers throughout the spring and summer. So thatHow often do you have to water the geraniums?

How many times do you have to water the geraniums?

Geraniums are plants that are watered frequently

Irrigation has to be moderate. Therefore, in general they have to be watered about three times a week during the summer, and once a week the rest of the year. But, in reality, it will depend to a great extent on the climatic conditions that exist in our area, as well as if we have them outside or inside the house.

In fact, in very hot and dry climates, they are watered more times than in those that are cool and / or humid. In addition, in summer, as the temperatures are higher, we have to be more aware of our plants since the earth dries much faster than during winter.


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When to water geraniums in summer?

In summer it is important that we water in the late afternoonWhen the sun sets. In this way, the soil will remain humid for a longer time, and consequently, the roots will have more hours to rehydrate.

If we irrigate in the morning or at noon we would see that the moisture is lost immediately, which is why it should not be watered at that time, since we would only lose water. As for the frequency, it will be about three times a week.

Watering geraniums during a heat wave

Since heat waves are meteorological phenomena that happen every year, we have to be especially careful with watering the geraniums during those days. Although they are plants that support temperatures of 35-38ºC, it is important that the substrate remains moistotherwise they will go thirsty.

In addition, It is necessary to ensure that the temperature of the irrigation water is between 18 and 30ºC, the ideal being 23-24ºC. And is that if the aerial part is too hot (that is, leaves and stems) it would perspire more than necessary, losing water, and the roots would go into shock, and could suffer burns.

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How often to water the geraniums?

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