Is the meaning of red carnations

If there are some really popular flowers for their easy cultivation and extraordinary beauty, they are undoubtedly the carnations. Small plants whose petals have fallen in love with humanity for centuries. And it is that, in addition, they are very adaptable, being able to plant in the garden thus creating spectacular flower beds, or have it in a pot as a centerpiece on your terrace.

Would you like to know what is the meaning of red carnations? Keep reading.

What is the meaning of red carnations?

Red carnations are flowers that open in spring

There is a legend that says the carnation has a divine origin. And it is believed that he was born through the tears of the Virgin Mary. When she saw her crucified son, those tears fell to the ground giving rise to the carnations.

Therefore, another of the meanings of red carnations is mother’s love, as well as the labor movement.

Now, in countries like France you should never give a carnation to someone, because it is a flower of bad luck that is only used in funeral bouquets. In this way, if you give it away, you are saying that you want the other person to “pass away.”

Red carnations are one of the most striking. Being of an intense color, it is very easy that we end up falling into the nets of this plant, and we take some home. With a height between 40 and 50cm, they are ideal to decorate any room. If you ever get gifts, or want to give some, you should know that you will be transmitting a message that you will surely like … or you will like it.

  • Care: red has always been related to love, not only to love as a couple, but also to what we can feel for our family. Red carnations are commonly used to gift someone you love, but also to gift a loved one.
  • AdmirationIndeed, in addition to telling a person how much you love them, you are telling them that you admire them deeply.

Red carnations are often bought a lot to take to the graves of loved ones. Due to its resistance to climatic conditions and its ornamental value, with them you will be transmitting to your deceased relatives that you still remember themand that above all, you still love them with the same intensity.

So now you know, if you want to have some splendid flowers whose message is very interesting, do not hesitate to Decorate your home with them.

How are the red carnations?

The red carnation is native to the Mediterranean countries. Specifically, it is very common to find it in Italy, Greece, Spain or Croatia. However, there are some more in the area of ​​Africa or even a species native to North America.

It is a annual or perennial herbaceous plant. Characterized by spiral leaves, and opposite each other, they are petiolate, stipulated and whole. Their color is greyish green, although you can also find them in bluish green.

As for the flowers, the key is not only red, it actually has many more colors that you can acquire, such as yellow, white, etc. These flowers are regular and have five petals. Each of these petals has fringes at the end which makes them acquire that peculiar shape.

As for the stems, these are woody at the base, but have herbaceous branches.

The carnation is capable of growing up to 80cm in height and as a curiosity we will tell you that the original color of the carnations is neither red, nor yellow, nor white, nor pink. The pinkish purple is the one that this plant had at the beginning. However, as different varieties developed, they gave rise to different colors.

How are red carnations cared for?

Red carnations are easy to grow plants

Giving red carnations is something very beautiful, and it is endowed with a lot of meaning. But you can also choose to buy a plant instead of giving a carnation or a bouquet of carnations. Now, do you know how to take care of always having a bloom? We explain it to you below.

Know that the carnation is one of the easiest plants to care for, and also very resistant.They only ask in return for specific conditions to feel good and, above all, to thank them with flowers practically all year round.


The red carnation, like other colors, need to be located in areas that have good sunlight. Depending on where you live, and the hours of light you can provide (as well as the temperature), you can choose to put it in full sun or in semi-shade.

Our recommendation is that you put it in a place where it gets at least 6-7 hours of sun and the rest is more protected.


The carnations They are very resistant plants, but that does not mean that they do not have a limit. In this case, the carnation does not withstand temperatures below 0 degrees, much less tolerate frost.

His ideal would be between 10 and 24 degreesAlthough high temperatures do tolerate them much better, at least up to 35 degrees. Beyond that temperature it also suffers.

The land

As for the soil, the carnation needs a soil with a pH of between 6,5 and 7,5 acidity, which drains well. Therefore, it is not recommended that you mulch it to prevent it from becoming caked.

You can plant it directly in the garden, which is usual, or also in a pot.

How to water red carnations

Watering is one of the most important care and that can make your carnation healthy. Therefore, you have to understand that the carnation is a plant that likes watering a lot. Therefore, it should not be neglected.

And how is it watered? In the colder season, in winter, you should water it 1-2 times a week. On the other hand, in summer, these irrigations will have to be expanded to 4-5 a week, depending on the area where you live.

It is convenient to water them first thing in the morning or last, since if you water it when the sun is out, the water can have a magnifying effect that affects the plant and ends up being burned by the sun’s rays.

When and how to prune

In the spring months you will have the perfect time to grow your carnation. It is important to do it because, in this way, the plant will look healthy, always cutting flowers and leaves from the top. However, you have to cut it at the fourth or fifth knot, which is how new stems can grow.

The reproduction of the carnation

Many think that the stems that are cut during pruning are used to reproduce the carnation, but the truth is that it is very difficult to do so. To be successful, a stem should be cut from near the base.

With this, you have to remove the leaves from the base and, at the top, make a straight cut so that the sap concentrates on the stem and, thus, begins to develop roots.

Can help this a rooting product thrown into the stem water while we wait to plant it (in the ground directly) and then use that water to irrigate it.

In about 20 days, the stem should take root and begin to grow.

Diseases and pests

The red carnation has a lot of meaning

Although the carnation is a plant that does not require much to develop, and that they endure well year after year, that does not mean that it does not have problems with some diseases and pests that can kill it.

The most common are:

  • Roya. You will notice it on the leaves and stems, causing pustules to appear. Normally it appears due to an excess of humidity in the environment. Learn More.

  • Aphid. It attacks leaves and flowers, and you will see it with the naked eye because it will have black spots that you can remove with your hand.

  • Alternaria. It is a disease that affects the leaves and stems. Stains will appear on the structure.

  • Slugs and snails. They are very common, especially when there is a lot of humidity in the area. In addition, they are dangerous, because they feed on the entire plant. To avoid them, nothing like adding garlic and onion extract, or directly some garlic and onions around it.

  • Red spider. It appears when the humidity in the area is not very abundant. It goes directly to the leaves, appearing little yellow dots that make the leaves become weak and fall off. It also weaves a spider web around the plant, especially on the underside, which is where they live. Using sulfur you can get rid of it.

  • fusarium. It is a fungus that directly affects the roots causing them to rot and directly kill the carnation. The problem is that it is very difficult to detect in time.

Did you know that red carnations had these meanings? Do you know others?

Is the meaning of red carnations

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