garden brush cutter

Brushcutters are the perfect gardening tools when you want to have a neat and tidy green paradise. They are also very useful for cutting grass that has gotten out of control to such an extent that it has created a jungle of plants through which it is impossible to pass. But, How to choose the most suitable for us?

As the same force is not required to clear weak stems as woody ones, it is important that we choose those that are really going to be practical for us.

Brushcutters are classified according to the use that we are going to give them; that is, according to the type of vegetation that we want to clear:

  • Grass cutting: very thin and weak stems.
  • Cutting of brambles: slightly thicker stems, 0,5cm in diameter.
  • Cutting of small bushes: woody or semi-woody stems between 0,5cm and 1cm.
  • Forest clearing: woody stems.

Within these groups there are several classifications depending on the type of engine, the type of transmission and the type of cut.

  • Motor:
    • Two-stroke gasoline: they have a tank in which the oil is mixed with the gasoline. This model is available for any type of use, so it is the most common as it also offers great autonomy.
    • Four-stroke gasoline: they have two tanks, one for gasoline and one for oil. They are quieter than two-strokes, and consume less gasoline.
  • Type of transmission:
    • Flexible: they are mounted on brush cutters with low displacement.
    • Rigid: within this type we find split transmissions indicated for brushcutters that admit accessories, such as motor hoes or chainsaws, and to facilitate their transport.
  • Type of cut:
    • Nylon thread: it is the most suitable for cutting tall grass. Depending on the cut, it can be:
      -Square: used to clear tall grass that has gotten out of control.
      -Star: it is effective against tall and tangled grass.
      -Redondo: it is the most common. Very useful for clearing low grass.
    • Discs: they are used to cut brambles, small bushes or for clearing mountains.
      -3 and 4 tooth discs: especially suitable for clearing tall grass, brambles and shrubs.
      -8 tooth discs: suitable for cutting dry grass, bamboo and the like, as well as small shrubs.
      -80 tooth discs: perfect for clearing thin logs.
      -Zarcero: indicated for brambles.

Person clearing the garden

person clearing the garden

We hope that now it will be easier for you to choose your brush cutter .