Growing watermelon in the vegetable garden


Today I had a tasty, sweet, aromatic and fresh watermelon. Watermelon is ideal for those who are dieting because it has a high water content and few calories, also to eat during the summer and when the body asks for a fresh food.

It is not one of the most popular garden crops but still today we dedicate ourselves to watermelon it is an interesting option to include.

Watermelon curiosities

I grow watermelon

watermelon crop

The watermelon, whose scientific name is Citrullus lanausIs a herbaceous annual plant that belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. It is native to the Kalahari desert, in Africa, and grows there in the wild. Today, its cultivation has spread and is cultivated in many places, such as Italy, Greece and Spain.

The variety of watermelon with the classic black seeds is the most classic but few know that there are varieties without seeds, which are differentiated by their skin, which does not present the classic stripes.

Watermelon is a tropical fruit And that is why it needs a temperature between 23º C and 28º C to be in optimal conditions. Even so, it can adapt to lower temperatures as long as they do not exceed 11 degrees Celsius because then its growth stops. For this reason, the best time for sowing is spring and after frost.

Watermelon grows smoothly in well-drained, nutrient-dense soils so it must be rich in organic matter. Remember that it is a large fruit so when planting you have to be careful to keep a certain distance between plant and plant, at least 1 meters between one and the other. The rows should also have an equal spacing from one to the other. If you do not have much space, you can grow watermelon in pots, although always taking care that the receptacle is large and deep so that the roots can expand.

From time to time remember to remove the weeds and remove the soil, adding a compost bonus. As for watering, it should be regular but not exaggerated. Pay attention to flowering as they indicate that from that moment they need a lesser amount of water.

Watermelon pests and diseases



As with all cucurbits, the watermelon is attacked by the following enemies: spider mites, whiteflies, aphids and thrips. In addition, it is common to suffer from diseases such as ash as well as others of vascular origin and a so-called gummy canker of the stem.

The watermelon growing cycle It lasts from 90 to 150 days and the harvest occurs once the fruit has ripened. To realize it, just tap them with your fingers because if they sound hollow, they are about to. You can also try scratching the skin with your nails because if it separates it is an indicator that it is ready.

Growing watermelon in the vegetable garden

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