How to care for a creeper plant

How about we talk about how to care for a creeper plant? They are ideal for covering walls or lattices … Can you imagine having your own arch with flowers of, for example, wisteria? Or climbing roses? You know, like the one you see in many romantic movies, but in your backyard. But of course, […]

Growing watermelon in the vegetable garden

Today I had a tasty, sweet, aromatic and fresh watermelon. Watermelon is ideal for those who are dieting because it has a high water content and few calories, also to eat during the summer and when the body asks for a fresh food. It is not one of the most popular garden crops but still […]

Humus, the ideal fertilizer for your plants

In order for plants to grow under conditions, they must be able to have regular water, sunlight, and a substrate or soil that provides them all the necessary nutrients For their develpment. If we plant them in the garden in the right location, we already have much of the work done; But if we have […]

How to get rid of mealybugs from plants

Since we are in the middle of the spring season and it is becoming necessary to combat pests, today we are going to learn how to how to remove mealybugs from plants. These parasites come to them as soon as the environment is warm and, above all, dry. Take note of these tips and tricks […]

What are porous plant substrates?

El sewer system It is very important for plants, since the vast majority of them are not used to living with “wet feet” and if we water too often, we will most likely end up losing them, especially if we have them in pots. To avoid this, it is essential not only to control irrigation, […]

Classification of plants | Gardening On

In the world they inhabit millions of plants of all kindsand all of them have had an evolutionary history that has been more or less complicated depending on the changes that the habitat in which they live has undergone. These changes have made them more resistant, but they have also sometimes forced them to evolve, […]

Ecological insecticides for plants | Gardening On

The aphids, whiteflies and mites are pests frequent attacks on plants and garden crops, silent enemies that can be detected when it is too late. The fungi and bacteria they also affect plants and lead to severe diseases, which can lead to death. Prevent pests and diseases It is an essential task of the one […]

Plant pests: spider mite | Gardening On

A few days ago I was cleaning the plants on my balcony when I noticed that one of them, which always grows without problems, was more fallen and withered. I began to study it and it was then that I noticed a thin fabric on the underside of the leaves. That was the indicator of […]

Tips to take care of the garden in autumn

Autumn is a time of great changes for nature and this can be seen just by looking at the leaves, which change from the fresh green of summer to yellow, brown and orange tones. It is also a time of great work in the gardenwith different activities and routines to carry out. If you would […]

Uses of guano | Gardening On

More and more people decide to put chemicals aside and start using insecticides and fertilizers of natural origin. The former have proven to be very effective in a short period of time, but can harm the environment if not used properly. However, natural ones are ideal when, in addition to strengthening our plants, they seek […]

Physiological disorders of plants | Gardening On

Plants throughout their life may have various problems growing and developing. A sudden change in temperature, wind or drought can weaken them a lot if they are not adapted to the environment. For this reason, it is important to know and identify the plant physiological disorderssince this way we can act before your health runs […]

Bean Growing Guide | Gardening On

Fava beans are excellent herbs: they have a very fast growth rate and are also very prolific. They do not require any special care so they are a crop suitable for beginners, even for those who do not have any experience in plant care. They can be grown both in pots and on the ground […]

How to make a vegetable garden in the garden

The gardens do not necessarily have to have only ornamental plants, furniture to enjoy the outdoors or decorative elements such as sculptures, pedestals or garden gnomes. In fact, in this green space a vegetable garden can also be includedwhich will be more or less large depending on the land we have and the amount of […]

How to acclimatize plants to the sun and cold

How many times have we bought a plant and as soon as we got to the garden or patio we put it directly in the sun? I admit that not one, many, especially when the new acquisitions have been cactus or crass. This, if it is done in spring, when the sun’s rays are still […]

Is it bad to water with tap water?

The irrigation It is one of the tasks that seems simpler, but that nevertheless is one of the most difficult for us to learn, even if we have been taking care of plants for a few years. And things get complicated when we don’t know what type of water they need to grow, especially when […]

What are climacteric fruits? | Gardening On

There are certain fruits that, once they are pulled from the plants, can continue to ripen without problems if they have reached an adequate level of development. These are known as climacteric fruitsand they must be taken into account when we want to grow plants, especially if their fruits are edible. Let’s know more about […]

How to use water gel irrigation for plants

If you are planning a getaway but don’t want to leave your plants thirsty it is always possible to resort to a series of automatic watering alternatives. Not all are expensive solutions as there are home automatic watering that are easy to implement, very inexpensive and do not require prior knowledge. Among the alternatives is […]

Hibernation of plants | Gardening On

Sarracenia are carnivorous plants that need to hibernate in order to continue growing in spring. Like bears, plants also need to hibernate. They, of course, cannot be put in caves or lairs of any kind since, as we know, they do not have legs or legs, but they do not need them, why? Because they, […]

Can it be paid in winter?

With the arrival of cold, the growth rate of plants slows downto the point that some will spend these months devoid of leaves because it would be too much energy to try to conserve them when conditions are not favorable. Every time we fertilize, we want them to grow fast and strong as we try […]

How to avoid pests on plants

Plants, both those that are outdoors and indoors, can be attacked by different pests. Some are more harmful than others, but they all appear for the same reason: the health of its victims is weakened or is weakening. For this reason, it is very important to know the different needs of each of the species […]

The importance of oxygenation of the roots

Image – We often take for granted that plants have everything they need when we have transplanted them into a new pot or garden, but the truth is that this is not always the case. As we know, all living things need oxygen to breatheincluding plants and, of course, your root system. If the […]

When to plant cuttings | Gardening On

Image – Dusk’s City Garden and Trees A very effective and fast method of getting new plants is multiplying them by cuttingswhich are stems which can be green, semi-woody or woody, and which have no roots. Obtained from those specimens that we like the most, we can decorate the garden or patio without spending money […]

Cabbage cultivation | Gardening On

Cabbage is a vegetable that, although it does not look as elegant as lettuce, it is a very easy to grow herb that it has interesting medicinal properties which can be useful to us at any given time. In addition, it can be had both in the garden and in large potsSo if you don’t […]

Pros and Cons of Growing in Winter

After a sowing tour in spring, summer and autumn, we have one last season, perhaps the most difficult of all. Growing in winter has its flaws, not everything is bad at this time but we do have to take precautions so that our plants do not suffer the attacks of the cold. The best thing […]

Cultivation of Paprika | Gardening On

If you like spicy flavors, you will surely love the pwhich is a word that designates the plants of the genus Capsicum, which is chili peppers. Its cultivation is simplesince they are herbaceous plants that grow very quickly and also produce an interesting quantity of fruits. Cultivation of paprika When you want to grow paprika, […]

How to prune dry roots and branches in a bonsai

Hello everybody! how was your weekend? We continue with our future bonsai project, this time learning about dry root and branch pruning. We are in the middle of the spring season, and in many areas we are already beginning to notice until the summer, although we are not the only ones: the plants are growing […]

Myristica, the nutmeg tree | Gardening On

Image – The nutmeg It is a dried fruit that is becoming very fashionable lately for its digestive and analgesic properties. But what tree produces it and how is it grown? At Gardening On we want to keep you informed of everything related to plants, and this time it will not be less. After […]

What is sap? | Gardening On

Raw sap arising from a cut stem of Cucurbita pepo. Animals have blood running through our veins, a liquid that contains water, red and white blood cells, and platelets. It is responsible for transporting oxygen to all parts of our body. But plants also have their own “blood”, with the difference that it is transparent […]

Sulfur, fungicide and natural repellent

There are different natural products that you can use to improve the conditions of your garden. One of them is sodium bicarbonate, of great neutralizing power when it comes to fighting pests. There is also the sulfuranother recommended product if it is to ward off potential enemies in an ecological way. Ecological insecticide Sulfur has […]

What to plant in a planter

The planter is a container where you can put many plants and make spectacular compositions. It is very useful when you want to decorate the balcony, window sills or patiosince it can be made of plastic, which is a material that weighs little, or terracotta, which weighs much more and is therefore resistant to the […]

When to use distilled water for watering?

Water is vital. All living beings need to drink it in order to be hydrated and for all the cells in our body to function. However, not everyone can access quality water such as rain, so there is a type of plants that we must water with distilled water. This is a product from which […]

How to scare away bees

These insects are considered beneficial for the garden, since they are responsible for pollinating the flowers. Without them, it would be very difficult for plants to reproduce and thus create new generations. However, if you are allergic to their bite, or if you need to keep them away, I am sure you will be interested […]

Caring for the Cipote or Casimiroa edulis

Originally from Mexico, the babywhose scientific name is You eat CasimiroaIt is an ideal fruit tree to grow in hot climates, where frost does not occur and can grow in a wide area so that it can develop its crown correctly. It is a very interesting species: it is easy to grow, gives very good […]

Discover all the secrets of bonsai

The bonsai. To speak of them is to enter a world in which, until relatively recently, remained accessible only to a lucky few from a couple of countries in East Asia. Some call them Art, others go against nature, but what no one can deny is that they are plants that attract a lot of […]

How to repel moths? | Gardening On

Although to have a healthy garden it is important to ensure that all insects can lead a normal life without having to worry about pesticides, the truth is that there are some whose larvae are potentially dangerous for plants: the insects moths. Surely you have heard a lot about them and how to repel moths […]

Reproduction of plants | Gardening On

Capsicum seeds Taking care of plants is a wonderful experience, but it is even more so to obtain new specimens of them. In gardening, several techniques are used for this purpose, some more complicated than others, but all just as interesting. On this occasion, we are going to see what the plant multiplicationand what each […]

What is the anti-weed mesh?

Wild herbs are rarely very welcome in a garden or vegetable garden. They grow at such a high rate that they only need a few weeks to cover the plantsincluding the highest. Although most are not parasitic, all of them have a behavior that we could qualify as invasive, since they prevent the rest of […]

Automatic and ecological irrigation with sea water

I was looking for new techniques and ways of watering the garden and I found a bold and very interesting type of irrigation that I want to share with you today. It is a low-budget irrigation and that is a great point in its favor as it joins the ecological crusade for its virtues. An […]

How to make a chicken coop

Image – If you want to buy some chickens or, if it has happened to you like me that two have sneaked into your garden, you are going to need to make them a hen house to keep them under control. These birds can become dangerous animals for plants since, unless they have feed, […]

What is potassium sulfate and what is it for?

The plants they need a series of nutrients to be able to grow and developsuch as phosphorus, nitrogen and calcium. All of them are very important, so much so that the excess or lack of one of them will make them sick in a matter of time, which can be more or less long depending […]

Why do plants die | Gardening On

Growing plants is one of the best experiences we can have on a daily basis. It is very enriching to observe them, since this way we can see the different pests that can affect them, learn more about them and how to prevent them from reappearing. However, sometimes, however much we pamper them, in the […]

What is Bordeaux mixture and how is it prepared?

Image – 100cia at home Our plants can be affected by a multitude of fungi that can seriously damage them to the point that, if not controlled, they could wilt. To avoid this, it is highly recommended to apply Bordeaux mixturea powerful bluish fungicide that we can prepare at home. Here we explain how you […]

Choose clay or plastic pot

Today I am going to talk to you about a subject that has made us all doubt at some time, and is none other than that of how to choose the type of pot that best suits our needs, because although until a few years ago we used to opt more for those made of […]

What are Provencal herbs? | Gardening On

Have you heard of Provencal herbs or Herbes de Provence (in French)? They have a delicate flavor and a very pleasant smell, so much so that they are used to season all kinds of meat, fish, pasta … even vegetables! But what exactly are they and how are they prepared? Provencal herbs are the perfect […]

How to make painted flower pots

If you are tired of seeing the typical brown or black color of the pots, now you can have new containers just by giving them a little paint. Surely they will be very original since you can take the opportunity to give them the style that you like the most. Not sure how to make […]

Where to buy plants? | Gardening On

If you are new to the world of gardening, it is very likely that you have many doubts about … everything. One of the most asked questions is that of where to buy plants. Today we are lucky to find them for sale in many places: hypermarkets, local markets, nurseries, garden stores … and even […]

Frida Kahlo, inspiration for a Mexican garden

The Blue House of Frida Kahlo saw the passage of well-known characters, including Trotsky, who stayed there for several months. To take inspiration and design a Mexican garden It is possible to look at gardening magazines and blogs, but I think there is nothing like appreciating closely those remnants of culture and design that […]

Cultivation of kale | Gardening On

The kalewhose scientific name is Brassicola oleracea var. sabellaIt is a wonderful horticultural plant, since in addition to being used in the kitchen to prepare delicious recipes, it can also be used as an ornamental decorating, for example, the terrace or patio. The curious shape of its leaves makes it one of the most curious […]

How to repel spiders | Gardening On

Spiders. There are many people who fear them, and others who simply do not want to have them around. Although all insects have their role in the ecosystem (also in gardens), when they have a phobia or when there are young children it is recommended to take some measures, since we may live in an […]

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