How to get rid of mealybugs from plants

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Since we are in the middle of the spring season and it is becoming necessary to combat pests, today we are going to learn how to how to remove mealybugs from plants. These parasites come to them as soon as the environment is warm and, above all, dry.

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Plants with young leaves are especially sensitive to mealybugs. Check both the top and the underside from time to time, in order to combat them as soon as they appear.

There are two types of remedies against these parasites: the natural and chemical. Each of them must be applied in a different way, so let’s see it separately:

Chemical remedies



The chemical remedies or insecticides they are highly recommended when the plague is already very advanced. We will use a product whose active ingredient is chlorpyrifos which acts by contact, ingestion and inhalation, and also remains for a long time on the leaves. The frequency will tell us the container itself: but in general it is usually every 15 days.

We must spray the whole plant well: both sides of the leaves, trunks / stems, flowers, … and I even recommend that from time to time you add a few drops (or a spray) to the irrigation water to eliminate any that may be in the root system.


To eliminate mealybugs from cacti you can use a chemical insecticide, or a swab from the ears moistened with water and pharmacy alcohol.

Natural medicine

If we opt for the Natural medicine you have to know that the improvement will take longer to arrive. In fact, they are recommended more as preventive treatments. Even so, if you are like me an ecological lover and accept the challenge of eliminating these annoying parasites taking care of the environment, what you can do is take a cotton swab (the one we use to clean our ears) and soak the cotton with pharmacy alcohol.

Is your plant too big? Then dilute a few drops of alcohol and liquid soap in a liter of water into a sprayer, and spray the entire plant with this mixture. And if some remain, we will remove them with a cloth. You can also use potassium soap y Neem oilAlthough they are not homemade, they are two natural products whose joint action has proven to be very effective against mealybugs.

How to get rid of mealybugs from plants

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