gardener trimming hedges

Pruning is one of the basic tasks of gardening. Anyone who has the odd plant, even in season, will have to cut or remove the odd stem or flower in order to achieve excellent growth and development.

But, as important as doing it is to do it well and at the moment it plays. So let’s see when are the plants pruned so they look gorgeous all year long.

Evergreen plants

Evergreen plants, that is, those that look evergreen, it is advisable to prune them more or less drastically in late winter or early spring and pinch them throughout the year. Why? Well, these types of plant beings keep their green leaves what they do is feed them every day. This food, composed mainly of starch and sugars, is carried from the roots to the leaves at a rate that is faster during the warm months, and slower in the cold months.

When pruning, you always have to try to prevent the plant from losing too much sap, otherwise we would not only weaken it a lot, but we would also expose it to attack by insects and microorganisms that could end its life.

Deciduous plants

Plants that shed their leaves at some time of the year (during the dry season if they are tropical, in winter if they are in temperate and / or cold climates) they have a clear rest period. A few weeks or months will pass in which its growth will be minimal, and therefore, through its branches the sap will be transported at a slow rate. Thus, It will be in those days when we can prune thembeing especially advisable to do it just before the yolks are swollen, about to wake up.

Fruit tree pruning

Pruning of fruit trees

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