Sorbus aucuparia or Hunters’ Rowan, a very rustic tree

The Hunters’ Rowan, a tree that receives the scientific name of a sip of aucupariaIt is one of the most suitable to have in gardens in temperate-cold climates. What’s more, gives an excellent shadeso much so that under its branches you can hold picnics and invite the whole family . Its flowers are also noteworthy. […]

What are and when are woody cuttings obtained?

Image – Dusk’s City Garden and Trees A relatively easy and fast way to obtain new specimens from our plants is to multiply them by cuttingswhich are pieces of branches put to root. It is also very economical, since you only need rooting hormones, a pot or container with holes through which the excess water […]

Chilean hazelnut, a frost resistant fruit tree

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Franz Xaver The Chilean hazelnut It is a very interesting fruit tree to have in gardens and orchards that enjoy a temperate climate and even with cold winters; in fact, it can live and develop without having any kind of problem in areas where the temperature drops to -12ºC once […]

Sesia apiformis: characteristics, life cycle and control methods

Today we are going to talk about a type of pest that affects crops and ornamental trees. It’s about the Sesia apiformis. It is a type of lepidopteran with the characteristics of a borer that belongs to the Sesiidae family. The some occasions are usually found on plants such as Salix and Alnus. The problem […]

Are the best plants to make kokedamas

The coke They are an original and creative way to have plants, from those with flowers to others like trees. They attract a lot of attention, especially since they lack a pot itself. But not all plants tolerate this Japanese ornamental technique. If you want to know which are the best plants to make kokedamas […]

Tips for planting hedges | Gardening On

Hedges are very important and necessary decorative elements in gardens. Thanks to them, we can have the paths delimited, the different areas or corners divided in a very natural way and, in addition, we can gain privacy, something that comes in handy whether we live alone in the middle of the field or if we […]

What do bonsai trees have to be like?

Not all plants can be worked as bonsai. Although today this is a world that is slowly opening up, giving way to modern ideas and suggestions, the reality is that if we want to make it easier for us to make one, the ideal thing will be to let ourselves be guided by the classical […]

What is an implement shed and how do you make it?

When we talk about the tool room or a tool shedwe must know that this is a space that is built so that people can save those instruments or accessories used for agricultureto give an example and it depends on what type of implement shed that people have decided to build, the more likely they […]

How to get rid of a nest of cockroaches

get rid of a cockroach nest can be a complicated task. These insects are very resistant and reproduce easily, so the sooner their presence in the home is resolved, the more effective it will be to prevent them from becoming a problem. Cockroaches tend to colonize and colonize homes, which can cause serious hygiene and […]

What is repilo and how is it treated?

Image – Olive trees, although they are characterized by being one of the most resistant fruit trees, the reality is that they can also be affected by a series of microorganisms which are capable of ending their life. One of the most dangerous is the fungus Spilocaea oleaginawhich causes the repilo. The repilo is, […]

How to buy good high stools

Buying a high stool can be a difficult task. And there are so many options available on the market that sometimes you can get carried away by the price or the design without realizing that you are making a mistake. If you are going to buy high stools, then you need one guide to help […]

Clematis vitalba: an easy-care climbing shrub

The clematis vitalbaalso known as clematis, it is a species of shrub that is part of the family composed of the buttercups, from Europe. It consists of a climbing shrub which can grow to the same height as the trees, in addition to being notable for having a bark that is distinguished by detaching itself […]

Characteristics of stone pines and how to plant pine nuts

Today we are going to talk to you about a type of crop that is not a crop itself. It’s about the pine nuts. The pine nuts are not cultivated, but are harvested from the pine forests. They are a forest product rather than agricultural, since they do not require tillage, soil preparation, or as […]

What is moss? | Gardening On

During the rainiest months, the trunks of the trees, the walls and even the rocks can be covered with a beautiful green carpet that is barely 1 or 2 centimeters high: it is moss, a type of plant that has the ability to give it that green touch that is sometimes missing in some landscapes […]

How to buy a barbecue cover

With the good weather, it is usual that you want to invite friends and family on weekends and that, one of the meals, be at the barbecue. But, if you already have it and go for it, you may find it full of dust, water, leaves… if you haven’t taken good care of it. So […]

How To Prune Pumpkins: Top Tips And Tricks

Pumpkin is a crop that must be prune if you want it to grow correctly apart from meeting the rest of the requirements. many people ask how to prune pumpkins since there are multiple ways to do it. However, the type of pruning that is given is not so important, but the technique of the […]

Euphorbia helioscopia: characteristics, uses and care

Today we are going to talk about a plant commonly known as lecherula, sunflower spurge, pichoga and tornagallos. It’s about the Euphorbia helioscopy. It belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family and is an annual plant that comes from Europe and central Asia. It has hermaphroditic reproductive units and can be a good choice for decoration in […]

Tips for enjoying gardening | Gardening On

Gardening is an art. An art that allows you to learn little by little, at your own pace. Plants are generally in no hurry, except for herbaceous plants and some trees. Even so, if you want to grow them, you have to respect their time scale, and provide them with the care they need in […]

What is etiolation and how to prevent it?

Orchid growing towards the light. Have you heard of etiolation? Perhaps you have seen an etiolated plant, or you have had one yourself, and you have not known that this was what was happening to it. It is a very striking reaction that all those who have in places where they do not receive the […]

Home remedies against ants | Gardening On

Ants are some of the smartest insects out there, but they can also be quite annoying for plants. Although during the flowering season they help them to transport pollen from one flower to another, if the health status of the plant being is weak they will not hesitate to take the opportunity to harm them […]

Pear tree diseases: characteristics and symptoms

One of the trees most appreciated for its delicious and nutritious fruits is the pear tree. It is a type of tree that belongs to the genus Pyrus and to the Rosaceae family. This means that it is related to the apple tree. However, like many other fruit trees it is usually affected by pests […]

What are legumes? | Gardening On

Legumes are plants that can be very useful in the kitchen. With its seeds we prepare dishes such as cooked lentils or beans, which in addition to being delicious have important health benefits. In fact, being rich in fiber and protein, they are a very interesting food to include in any healthy diet. But, did […]

Black truffle: an authentic and delicious delicacy

tuber melanosporum It may not be a very familiar term for many, but if we mention the most popular term for this delicacy that represents the black truffleSurely delicious flavors and aromas come to your taste memory if you have had the pleasure of tasting them and if not, the term will surely be more […]

When and how to bag the fruit

After having been pampering our fruit trees all year long, we are eager to try their delicious fruits and it is quite a disappointment to see that the fruits have not ripened wellthat birds have pecked them, small insects like wasps, took the liberty of eating them before us, etc. Butwhat can we do to […]

When are plants pruned | Gardening On

Pruning is one of the basic tasks of gardening. Anyone who has the odd plant, even in season, will have to cut or remove the odd stem or flower in order to achieve excellent growth and development. But, as important as doing it is to do it well and at the moment it plays. So […]

What is the veceria of the fruit trees?

Image – If you have been growing fruit trees for some time Surely you have had very good harvests and others that have been rather poor. A small change in the crop can assure us that the production will be excellent, or on the contrary, very bad. It is a phenomenon known as beatand […]

When does the Almond Tree bloom

The cultivation of certain plants They allow to supply a little that wide market of food, medicine or simply raw material for articles. Many depend on prior knowledge for proper planting and care, as well as how to obtain what is sought from it. In this case we refer to the world famous Almond, this […]

What and what are the damages caused by the leaf cutter bee?

Bees are one of the most beneficial insects that a garden, orchard or even a patio with plants can have. Without them, flowers would not pollinate, and therefore species would become extinct at an alarming rate. They are so necessary that if one day they disappeared, humanity would have a very serious problem. However, there […]

How to grow bromeliads outdoors?

Bromeliads are plants of tropical and subtropical origin that live in humid forests where temperatures are always above 0 degrees. For this reason, in temperate regions they are considered to be “indoor plants”, since if they were grown outside the home they would most likely not survive … or maybe they would? Since plants have […]

What is plant allelopathy? | Gardening On

Plants are very interesting beings: decorative, useful, with a more or less simple maintenance (depending on the species)… But, in addition, there are some that are allelopathic. What does that mean? Well what produce one or more biochemical compounds that influence the growth, survival or reproduction of other plant beings. It is interesting then to […]

What is sour potato | Gardening On

Image – Potatoes are one of the tubers that we like the most to have in the kitchen. Whether fried or cooked, cut into slices or small pieces, its flavor is exquisite. But, did you know that there are many varieties? Among them are the Monalisa or the Spunta, although without a doubt the […]

Persimmon pests and diseases | Gardening On

The persimmon or kaki, whose scientific name is Khaki Diospyrosis a fruit tree native to Southeast Asia that produces delicious fruits. In addition, it is very decorative, since its normally green leaves turn a beautiful orange-red color during the fall before the wind blows them away. For all this, it is one of the most […]

Pests and diseases of the lemon tree, what are they?

What are the lemon tree diseases? The lemon tree is one of the most loved fruit trees in orchards: it is a citrus that produces a large number of fruits, which have a pleasant enough acid flavor to give an exquisite flavor to different dishes. In addition, it does not require special attention, although it […]

Home Remedies for Fungi | Gardening On

Phytophthora fungus on a bromeliad. Fungi are one of the microorganisms that can cause the most damage to plants. Its tiny, barely visible spores can be deposited on any plant being, and once it germinates, it will grow and develop in a way that could weaken it so much that its life would be in […]

What is foliar fertilizer? | Gardening On

Who else who least knows the fertilizers that are given to plants by means of a watering can, but did you know that there are also foliar fertilizers? These are very interesting products that allow us to have crops whose leaves will be very healthy. They are especially useful when there is a significant mineral […]

Main diseases that can affect the nananjo

If we are growing orange trees it is important to know the diseases to which it may be exposed. Dadaist its multiple threats it is important to have it monitored on a continuous basis. Next we are going to show you the different diseases that the orange tree has. Would you like to learn more […]

My tree does not bear fruit

When we are about to buy a fruit tree, we do it with the intention that it will bear fruit sooner or later. But sometimes time passes and, no matter how much we pamper it, we cannot make it bear fruit. In those moments we wonder why my tree does not bear fruit and what […]

Take These Tips For Orchards And Get Excellent Harvests

In recent times, organic food is getting the popularity it deserves. In order to enjoy it, however, it is not necessary to go to a store or supermarket where it is sold, but rather we can plant it in our garden, take care of it and harvest it when the time comes. In order to […]

Flowers for allergy sufferers | Gardening On

If you are one of those plant-loving people who sneeze uncontrollably from being near certain flowers, you will surely be interested to know that there are several that will not harm you, or at least not so much. Therefore, I am going to tell you some flowers for allergy sufferers that, besides being very pretty, […]

How to choose the compost for plants to flourish?

Flowers are wonderful: they come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Some have a very pleasant perfume, so much so that as soon as you pass by them you can easily perceive them. But how do you get plants to produce them in large quantities? It’s not always easy, that’s why we have to know […]

How to prepare the land for sowing in winter

Before sowing anything in the soil it is very important to prepare it so that it can feed future plants that will grow in it. Especially in the coldest time of the year is when we have to give more importance to this task, since depending on what we do now we can harvest more […]

How to harvest garlic | Gardening On

Garlic is a food that, in addition to being very useful in the kitchen, also has its uses as an insecticide. But after cultivating them and taking care of them with care since the plantation at the end of winter, when summer approaches, it is time to harvest them. How to do it correctly? The […]

How to make a floral border

Do you like flowers? The truth is that they are precious, each and every one of them. They give a lot of joy to any corner of the home, but also to the gardens. Therefore, they look great as borders. But do you know how to do them? If you have questions, we hope to […]

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