Decorate bedroom with plants: Ideas and what plants to use for this task

Decorating the bedroom with plants is a creative task

If you are thinking of embellishing your room a bit, one of the most effective and recommended options is to introduce some other vegetable. This way you will give it a warm and lively touch and you will be more comfortable than ever. For this, it is best to know how to decorate the bedroom with plants and which ones to use for it.

In this article we will list the most popular vegetables for this task and explain why it is okay to sleep in a closed room with plants. Besides, We will discuss some great ideas to decorate the bedroom with plants. I hope you find this information useful and inspiring!

What plants can be put in the bedroom?

The plants to decorate the bedroom must be suitable for interiors

The plants to decorate the bedroom must be suitable for indoors

Before giving you some ideas about how to decorate the bedroom with plants, first we are going to list some that we can place in our room. Of course they have to be vegetables suitable for indoors. Of course, we are going to try not to overload the bedroom with so much green, after all, it is not about creating a greenhouse. As always, excess is not highly recommended. These are the most popular plants to decorate bedrooms:

Why is it not advisable to have plants in the room?

Surely you have heard from time to time that it is not good to have plants in the bedroom, or at least the fact of sleeping with them in a closed room. But why do people say that? Well, they are based on the fact that vegetables absorb oxygen at night. According to popular belief, we can wake up feeling unwell or even die. However, It is a belief that is far from reality.

As you well know, plants carry out a process called photosynthesis, through which they create the oxygen that we breathe and need to live. As they require sunlight for this, it takes place during the day. On the other hand, during the night, as there is no more sunlight, they no longer expel oxygen, but absorb it. However, it should be noted that the amounts required of this gas are minimal.

The leaves are the main ones in charge of carrying out photosynthesisLeaves are primarily responsible for photosynthesis.

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Let’s now talk about percentages to get a better idea of ​​this: An adult human being normally requires between 2% and 3% of the oxygen found in a room. Instead, a plant usually needs no more than 0,1%. As you can see, they are minimal amounts. In fact, it is more dangerous to sleep in the same closed room with more people than with plants.

Therefore we can say that there is no problem sleeping in a closed room with vegetables. What’s more, it will benefit us because not only will they provide us with more oxygen during the day, but they will also brighten our eyes and give our room a more welcoming touch. And who knows, maybe we’ll even wake up in a better mood thanks to them.

Ideas to decorate the bedroom with plants

There are many options to decorate the bedroom with plants

There are many options to decorate the bedroom with plants

Now that we know that it is okay to have vegetables in our room and which are the most popular, we are going to discuss some ideas for decorating the bedroom with plants. Of course the final result will depend on our tastes, the space we have available and the style we want. Let’s go there:

  • On the closet: Placing a vine plant on top of the cabinet, near the corner, is a great idea. We can arrange the stems and leaves of the vegetable so that they hang over the sides. This is really spectacular.
  • On the windowsill: If your window has a sill, it is the ideal place to place the occasional plant, especially those that need a little more sunlight.
  • Hanging pots: Why not place a hanging pot with a vine plant? They always look good and will please our eyes.
  • Above the dresser: We can place several plants together on top of the dresser and thus give it some life. Another option would also be to dedicate that space solely and exclusively to a plant that we want to highlight, such as, for example, a bonsai.
  • On the nightstand: A small plant on the bedside table is also a very good option to beautify the environment. A touch of green always goes well.

Apart from choosing the places where we want to place some vegetable, we can also play with other elements, such as pots. It is important to choose pots whose color matches the rest of the room, that is, with furniture, with fabrics such as curtains, etc. We also have the option to paint and decorate them ourselves, if we like crafts. In this case, you may be interested in the article on how to decorate a clay pot. It is a fairly simple and creative task that the smallest of the house will also enjoy.

Large plants: yes or no?

In the event that we are lucky enough to have a large and spacious bedroom, we can consider placing a large or tall plant in it. But where? Pay attention to the following ideas, to see if they convince you:

How to make hanging potsHow to make hanging pots

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  • Corner: If we have an empty corner, one of the best options is to place a large plant to beautify it.
  • Next to the door: Many times we have some space by the door, why not put a pot with a tall plant?
  • Zoning: We can also use the largest vegetables to separate environments. In the case of a bedroom, we could use them to differentiate the bed area from the dressing area, if we have so much space.
  • Size set: We should not be afraid to place several plants together. A set of vegetables of different sizes can be great.

We have already accumulated enough ideas to decorate the bedroom with plants. As we have already mentioned before, this is going to be to taste, but surely combining some of these options and with a bit of creativity you will achieve a truly spectacular room. Tell us in the comments how it turned out for you!

Decorate bedroom with plants: Ideas and what plants to use for this task

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