The best small indoor plants for any corner

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Sometimes you would like to have a lot of plants in your house, but the space you have may be limited. What if we told you that there is a way to have more plants? We are talking about small indoor plants, which allow you to have a greater number in the same space and thus enjoy more.

But, which plants would be the most indicated? What are those that do not grow too much and allow you to have several? We make a selection of those that we consider best.




Let’s clarify that echeverias (because there are many different ones) are outdoor plants. But if you live in a house where you have good lighting and several hours of direct light, you can consider having them in that part of the house. Actually, receiving a few hours of light is more than enough (hours of direct sun).

We do advise you not to choose species of echeverias that are difficult or that have particular care that can be difficult to comply with when you have them indoors.

Also, as They tend to grow relatively fast. You can always propagate them and place them on the terrace or similar and have a little piece of them inside the house.


With cacti something similar happens to echeverias. That is, they need direct sun but if you provide them with a few hours of sun and the rest indirect light they will be fine. There is a lot of variety to choose from, so our advice is to look for some that adapt well to being indoors and even in semi-shade or full shade (which there are).

One of the ones that we can recommend, due to its beauty in itself, is the mamilaria cactus, which is small and consists of cylindrical and globular stems which are covered with a thin white layer, appearing snowy. In addition, it blooms with small pink flowers.


If you are one of those who prefers a plant that is not a cactus or succulent, then one that fits very well insideand that does not usually grow too much, is the spatiphyll.

It is a plant with green leaves that, in spring and summer, sometimes even in autumn and winter, will give you white flowers.

Yes indeed, It is important that you provide a good amount of light, that has good irrigation and if possible a temperature between 20 and 22 degrees.

Now, if you have pets, and they tend to “attack” plants, you should reconsider it, because it is toxic.




The oxalis plant has been in fashion for a few years, and is not for less. Called “the butterfly plant” because the leaves it has (which are not the flowers) look like the wings of a butterfly.

Right now in stores you not only find purple oxalis, but we already have variegated ones, in the form of clovers, etc.

Although they are plants that need the sun, They can be indoors if you give them several hours of light (the flowers move towards the sunbeams). In addition, it spreads very easily and the care it needs is not too much.

With a little luck you will also get it to bloom. Although these go a little unnoticed due to the color of the leaves.

As for its size, we will tell you that It doesn’t grow much, but it does multiply very quickly.either in its pot or in those around it.


The sansevieria is one of the plants that NASA recommends to have at home because it is the most purifying that exists, being able to even have it in the bedroom and providing you with oxygen.

But it is also that this is one of the small indoor plants that you can have in any corner and you will hardly have to worry about it. It doesn’t need a lot of watering, nor a lot of sun… An all-rounder that you can consider!

Pachira Aquatica

Within the small indoor plants, we want to introduce this one because, although you can find it in various sizes, the truth is that in the smallest It is not a plant that grows very fastRather the complete opposite.

Besides, it will hardly need watering (something more than the previous one, yes) and that it is in a bright room will be enough (direct sun will burn it easily).

In return it will look like you have a palm tree at home.




Orchids are a classic inside the house, but one that makes it illuminate the entire room with its beautiful colors. If you also take good care of them, they can last you for years and years (to the point of keeping the flowers for a year even).

Of course, although it is said that they do not require sun, one or two hours a day work miracles on these plants and you will get them to be much more active.

Take a good look at orchid care to see everything you have to provide because they are somewhat delicate depending on what things.


In this case We are talking about an indoor plant that is not usually the usual, but that we could say that they are like pothos. In addition, in some species, such as variegatas, they will have nothing to envy to variegata monsteras or other plants (and they are much cheaper than these).

They are climbing plants, but not by themselves. They need you to put a tutor to activate them and keep growing. So if you don’t put it on, they won’t grow much (because they slow down).

They are very pretty and take up very little space. In addition, you can also hang them and cascade them.

african violet

If you are one of those who prefers small indoor plants, but with flowers, this is one of the best you can have. It has become fashionable for a year or so and the best thing is that you can find some with flowers of a single color, but there are others with bicolor flowers.

Apart, in stores you also have varieties of this violet that are even more beautiful. So getting one and having it at home is going to be easy. Even more so if we tell you that it hardly takes up space and does not grow much.

As you can see, there are many small indoor plants that you can consider for your house. Each one has its pros and cons, but surely some will help you decorate your home with something green. Would you cheer up with any? Do you have one that you would like to recommend? We read you in comments.

The best small indoor plants for any corner

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