What are the best flowering fertilizers for marijuana?

Image – Wikimedia/Botanical Marijuana is a relatively easy type of plant to grow, but it can sometimes be difficult to flower. To prevent this from happening, the best thing we can do is fertilize it, since this way it will have all the necessary nutrients to produce its flowers. In the market we find flowering […]

How to make bougainvillea cuttings: tips and tricks

If you have a bougainvillea in the garden, surely more than once you have had to prune it so that its growth does not go out of control. But, Did you know that you can get a new plant from there? How about we explain how to make bougainvillea cuttings? Next we are going to […]

Sedum lucidum, this is the ‘shameful’ succulent

Do you like succulents? So you may have heard of sedum lucidumone of the most appreciated and also one of those that offers you a color in each of its leaves that does not pass indifferent to anyone. But what is the sedum lucidum like? What care do you need? We are going to talk […]

The best small indoor plants for any corner

Sometimes you would like to have a lot of plants in your house, but the space you have may be limited. What if we told you that there is a way to have more plants? We are talking about small indoor plants, which allow you to have a greater number in the same space and […]

Sansevieria moonshine, the hardy plant with clear leaves

Have you ever heard of Sanseviera moonshine? Among all the different ones you can find, this is perhaps one that stands out because it has light green leaves. Its shape is very similar but the simple tonality makes it one of the rarest that you can have at home. Do you want to know more […]

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