What are the best flowering fertilizers for marijuana?

Cannabis blooms in summer

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Marijuana is a relatively easy type of plant to grow, but it can sometimes be difficult to flower. To prevent this from happening, the best thing we can do is fertilize it, since this way it will have all the necessary nutrients to produce its flowers.

In the market we find flowering fertilizers for marijuana, which will be very helpful. But, when should they be applied? And how?

When does marijuana bloom?

There are many flowering fertilizers for marijuana

There are many flowering fertilizers for marijuana

For a marijuana plant to flourish, it is important that it is not only healthy, but also that there are more or less the same hours of light as darkness, and that the temperatures are high but not extreme. Thus, its flowering time is usually summer, or autumndepending on the species and the climate in the area where it is grown.

And I say »it usually is» and not »it is» because There are certain species, such as Cwhich is not guided so much by the photoperiod but rather by its age. Thus, whether you grow this variety or one of its hybrids, such as the »Low Rider», you will see that after a month and a half of planting them, they will flower.

Also, keep in mind that if the temperatures are low or too high, it will cost more to flower. In this sense, you should know that the mercury in the thermometer should be kept between 20 and 26ºC for the flowers to develop properly.

But, as we said, sometimes it can cost you to produce your flowers; or we may want to “give him a hand.” In these situations, what we will do is pay it.

When is the flowering fertilizer applied to marijuana?

In order for the plant to have more than enough energy to flourish, it is important to start fertilizing before the time comes. That’s why, it is best to start applying the fertilizer when spring is ending or when summer has begunbecause in this way for several weeks we will be providing it with all the nutrients it needs to flourish.

In this way, we will get him to prepare for when his time finally arrives; and not only that, but once the buds start to sprout, they will do so with force.

How does it apply?

Marijuana is a short-lived plantMarijuana is a short-lived plant

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There are many brands and types (liquid, granular, powder). The Boom Nutrients crop fertilizers, specifically those of flowering for example, are liquid. Before applying it to the plant, you have to read the label on the container to know how it is applied; that is, to know if we have to pour a certain amount of product into the water, or if it can be applied directly to the plant and/or to the ground.

Those that are granulated or powdered, are thrown on the substrate and then watered; instead, those that are liquid, normally you have to dilute a small amount in a liter of water, mix and then water the land for the roots to absorb.

What should be the pH of the irrigation water?

Water that is too alkaline, that is, with a pH of 7, will prevent the roots from absorbing iron and/or manganese, so the leaves will become chlorotic (yellow with green nerves). Therefore, It is recommended that the irrigation water be either neutral or slightly acidic.

In the event that you have doubts about the pH of the water you are using, get pH strips at the pharmacy and check it out. If you see that it is alkaline, add a few drops of lemon or vinegar, and check it again; and so on until the pH drops to 6 or 6.5.

What are the best flowering fertilizers for marijuana?

You have to pay marijuana before it blooms

Marijuana must be fertilized before it blooms

We have a plant that we can pay to flower. The temperatures are beginning to be just right, so the marijuana, if all goes well, will flower shortly. But since we are not sure, we will apply a product that stimulates its flowering. That way, we’ll get him to do it.

Now, if you are not sure which are the best flowering fertilizers for marijuana, don’t worry about it. Next we are going to tell you:

  • flowering boom: it is a fertilizer that will provide the necessary amount of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), as well as vitamins and amino acids. Thus, you will ensure that the plant has a lot of energy to flourish.
  • Flower Canabium Flowering: It is a fertilizer that not only stimulates the production of flowers, but also prevents them from growing too much.
  • Madame Grow – Bazooka Bloom K30: This is a very concentrated fertilizer, especially recommended for the last stage of flowering, as it stimulates the growth of the buds.
  • Boom Nutrients Organic Bloom: This is a liquid fertilizer of plant origin that stimulates flowering and bud development. It contains, among others, potassium oxide, phosphorus pentoxide and calcium oxide, which are essential nutrients for plants to flourish without problems.

We hope that your plant can produce many flowers.

What are the best flowering fertilizers for marijuana?

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