How to kill beetle pests in your garden

potato beetle

Beetle pests They can be dangerous for your garden, as they can cause severe damage to crops and plants. There are some techniques to avoid beetles, but if you already have the pest in your garden, they can be controlled in a number of ways.

Do you want to know how to control beetle pests in your garden?

Most beetle pests can be controlled by synthetic or organic insecticidestraps, mechanical removal or natural predators. Sometimes, if the pest is too powerful, it is necessary to use several of these techniques at the same time.

Chemicals are a good way to control a beetle infestation, however, they pollute the soil and can damage some plants. Therefore, these products must be used with great care, since they are toxic and could harm our health.

Organic pesticides have become a popular alternative to man-made chemicals for pest control. They are derived from natural sources, such as trees or plants such as chrysanthemums.

beetle pests can affect your garden

beetle pests can affect your garden

Some of the most efficient organic pesticides against beetles are rotenone and spiny. These are quite effective against potato and flea beetles. Although some species of beetle may be resistant to these insecticides, they can be easily picked up from the plant. To do this, you must wear gloves, since some species of beetle, as are the blistersthey can release chemicals that irritate the skin and cause a rash or blisters.

Some beetle pests are solved simply by a washing of the plants with a hose, although this method does not prevent the next plague.

Other organisms, such as nematodes and predatory bacteria, are often used to control some species of beetles, in particular japanese beetles. Nematodes attack adult beetles, killing them from within.

With these tips you can now control beetle pests in your garden.

How to kill beetle pests in your garden

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