How to plant an olive tree in soil and in a pot

There are different methods to plant an olive tree

If you are considering acquiring an olive tree to beautify your environment, this article will be interesting for you. This beautiful tree is extremely attractive and turns out to be very resistant. But to be able to dispose of it, First we must know how to plant an olive tree, do not?

Do not worry, because here we will explain how to carry out this task, either in the ground or in a pot. Yes, it is possible to grow this tree in a pot, so you can also enjoy this beautiful vegetable on your terrace or balcony, without having to have a garden, orchard or land.

How to plant an olive tree

You can plant an olive tree in the ground or in a pot

You can plant an olive tree in the ground or in a pot

Before explaining how to plant an olive tree, we must first highlight some aspects to take into account. It can be said that these trees They do not tolerate the cold well. For this reason, sowing should be done in autumn or spring if the winters are very cold. Be that as it may, we should always try to avoid frost. This vegetable requires temperate climates, which is why it proliferates so well in Mediterranean regions. It can withstand high temperatures quite well, but the ideal for its growth is between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius.

Regarding the soil, the best for the olive tree are the loose, calcareous and volcanic, as long as they have a good level of permeability. It should be said that, since it does not need a lot of water, this tree can be planted both in dry and irrigated areas.

When planting an olive tree, we must use olives that are recently collected from the tree that are at the right time of maturation. Naturally, when the olive falls to the ground, it must first pass a latency period, but in this way we will get the seed to germinate by shortening this period. Now let’s see step by step how to plant an olive tree:

  1. Soak the seed: The first thing we must do is remove all the pulp or meat from the olives, making sure that there is no rest. Then you have to place the bones in water and leave them to soak for about 24 hours. Once this time has elapsed, it is time to select those olive pits that remain at the bottom of the container and discard those that float, since they would not catch.
  2. Scarify: The next step is to carry out the scarification process. It is about releasing the seed. To do this, we must break the casing with pliers or pinnaces, being very careful not to inadvertently damage the seed that is inside. Another option would be to abrade the covers using sandpaper.
  3. Stratify: Finally, there is the stratification, a process by which we will simulate the natural conditions that the seed needs to be able to germinate. To achieve this we must use a glass container or a plastic container, place cotton on the base and moisten it with water. On top you have to put the separated seeds and spray with a little fungicide. Finally it is time to close the container and store it in a cool place with sunlight.

After four to six weeks, the seeds should start to germinate. It is important to maintain the humidity of the germinator for this to happen. When some leaves and the root have already been created, it is time to move the plant to a pot with a neutral pH substrate and coarse soil. After a year we can transplant the olive tree applying the root method.

How to plant an olive tree by root

We also have the option of planting one olive tree per root. For this we will need a young plant. It is a very quick and simple process. We simply have to dig a hole in which to introduce the vegetable and later cover the roots with earth. The next step is to stick a stake next to the seedling, to serve as a guide. It is best to leave the surface concave. This way it will collect the water when we water. Finally, it remains to pay abundantly and water the olive tree.

How to plant an olive tree in a pot

Planting an olive tree is possible through cuttings

Planting an olive tree is possible through cuttings

When we think of an olive tree, we imagine a large tree that must be grown in a large space outdoors with many small fruits. However, it is important to note that there are different varieties of this vegetable, of which some do not produce olives and/or They can be planted in pots. But how?

First we must choose a good pot. It must be large and have drainage holes. As for the material, it is best to make it thick clay. Once we have the container, we must fill it with a quality substrate. This should have a rocky texture, so we can buy potting soil and mix it with small stones.

It should be noted that olive trees are trees accustomed to hot climates and resistant to drought, so You don’t have to water them constantly. Of course, when the water level is low, it does not hurt to carry out a small irrigation. Regarding the care of the potted olive tree, you can find all the information here!.

The olive tree is sometimes kept indoorsThe olive tree is kept indoors sometimes

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How to plant an olive tree with a stake

Another option that we have is to grow an olive tree with a stake. In this case we will need a freshly cut stem or a olive cutting and a pot with holes in the base. There we must add about two centimeters of soil, place the stake vertically in the center next to the cutting, ensuring that the orientation of growth is upwards. Then you have to add the rest of the soil until only two centimeters protrude from the plant. Finally it remains to water until the earth is well moistened. After a month it should start to sprout.

Whichever method we have chosen, the olive tree will not begin to flower or bear fruit until it has reached five years of age. Then, it will still not be at its fullest. When the vegetable is between twenty and fifty years old, it will be when it will reach its maximum production capacity of olives, so we will have to be a little patient.

As you can see, there are different methods to plant an olive tree. Now that you know which are the most common, you can choose the one that suits you best, either in the ground or in a pot.

How to plant an olive tree in soil and in a pot

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