Differences between the Monstera adansonii and the obliqua

Differences between the Monstera adansonii and the obliqua

When you go to buy a monstera in stores, one that you often see is the adansonii. However, many times, next to that name, they also place the obliqua. They are actually two different species, but what are the differences between Monstera adansonii and Monstera obliqua?

If you think that both are the same, we already tell you that it is not so. Next we are going to give you a series of guidelines that will make you differentiate one from the other and above all will help you not to be sold a Monstera obliqua when it is adansonii. Shall we start?

The main differences between the Monstera adansonii and the obliqua

Natural large holes in plant leaf

Natural large holes in plant leaf

The first thing you have to know is that, of the two, Monstera obliqua is “the Holy Grail” for collectors. Everyone wants one and it’s not so easy to get when there’s so much confusion with adansonii. In fact, on many occasions you will find yourself buying an adansonii thinking that it is oblique.

Unless you are clear about their differences. And that’s where we’re going.

the shape of the holes

We are going to start with something very simple and that can give you an idea of ​​whether you are facing an adansonii or an obliqua. The holes that both have, called fenestrations, break the leaf into different parts.

Now, they are not the same in one species as in another. For a start, the adansonii has those very small and narrow holes when it is young. When she is more adult they look bigger, but they continue to maintain their narrowness. In fact, you will see that it combines longer and wider holes with smaller ones.

In the case of the obliqua, its fenestrations are tremendous, to the point that it appears that the blade is only made up of the children of the holes it generates. This makes them very fragile leaves, which you also need to maintain in order to carry out photosynthesis (hence, you have to be very careful).

The size of the leaves

We continue with the leaves, but in this case we focus on their size. When they are young this will not always give you an idea if it is adansonii or obliqua, because the leaves are small. But if you already see her as an adult, then yes.

The Monstera obliqua has leaves of about 10 to 25 centimeters, not bigger. the complete opposite of the adansonii, which is usually between 50 and 75 centimeters.

the edge of the leaves

Another difference between the Monstera adansonii and the obliqua has to do with the edges of the leaves. This is not something that is appreciated too well, but you can feel it a little by touch. You will see, in the case of adansonii, the edges of the leaves are straight. But not like that in the obliqua, which usually have a somewhat wavy shape.

You can see this best if you take the sheet, without much force, and lay it horizontally to see if the edge goes straight along it or if you notice that there is a certain waviness along the line. Of course, be careful with the blade, do not break it by the fenestrations.

The touch of the leaves

monstera leaf detail

monstera leaf detail

have you ever touched a Monstera adansonii leaf? They tend to be roughbut with a little thickness in them since they are bigger.

However, in the case of the oblique, if you touch a sheet of these it will seem as if you are touching paper. They’re so fine and delicate If you push too hard, they can break easily.

Its growth

Leaves aside, there are other differences between the Monstera adansonii and the obliqua. And it has to do with their growth.

The Monstera adansonii is a very fast growing plant. In fact, it is said that, if you give it the necessary care, it can reach one meter in just one month (we assume that this will not happen in a pot, but it will grow a lot).

On the other hand, in the case of the Monstera obliqua, it can take 6 or more months to reach that meter that we talked about before.

The stolons, one of the clear differences between the Monstera adansonii and the obliqua

This element can be the definitive one to know if you are facing a Monstera adansonii or an obliqua. However, it will only appear if you are taking care of the plant properly. If not, it will not help you to distinguish one from the other.

But what are stolons? It is the name given to the horizontal stems and in which adventitious roots develop.

Only the Monstera obliqua develops them, the adansonii does not have these, so it can be definitive to know what species you have.




The case of flowers is somewhat complicated because, in general, monsteras do not flower indoors; you would have to have them outdoors, and well cared for, to achieve this.

But if that were the case, you should know that there is a small difference. Specifically, it is relative to the number of flowers that will come out. In the case of the obliqua, it will have much fewer flowers than in the adansonii.

And the price?

We doubted whether to put this information among the differences between Monstera adansonii and the obliqua, because we must take into account that many times, due to ignorance between the species, we find that they sell us adansonii as obliquas or on the contrary, obliquas as adansonii.

And of course, if they are really well classified, Monstera obliqua is very, very expensive. Keep in mind that its growth is quite slow and there are also fewer specimens in nature. Therefore, they charge more for them.

Instead, the adansonii are cheaper, much more.

But, as we tell you, to take into account the price factor between the differences, you have to make sure that it is indeed an adansonii or an obliqua, something that is not easy, especially if you buy online.

For now, let it be known, there are no more differences between the Monstera adansonii and the obliqua. But we understand that it is difficult to distinguish them. For this reason, what we recommend is that you try to see as many images as possible of both of them and thus get a better idea of ​​what the distinctive features of both are. Do you have a monstera at home? Do you know if she is adansonii or obliqua? We read you in the comments.

Differences between the Monstera adansonii and the obliqua

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