Fig wasp: What it is and what it does in figs

Does the fig wasp ring a bell? If not, you should take a look at this article. These insects are really impressive. They have gotten co-evolve with fig trees and take advantage of their fruits, while pollinating them. In addition, they stand out above all because they spend their larval life inside the figs. In […]

How to buy a balcony set: the keys to getting it right

Source photo set balcony: Amazon With good weather it is normal for you to start preparing the terrace, the garden or simply the balcony to be able to use it and enjoy the sun, the breeze, and the good weather. That’s why, Are you looking for a balcony set? The problem with these is that, […]

Senecio barbertonicus: main characteristics and care

Cacti and succulents have the advantage of being hardier plants that don’t die easily if well cared for (or left to their own devices). Such is the case with Senecio barbertonicus, also known as succulent bush senecio. You know how it is? Below you will learn about the main characteristics of this plant, and we […]

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