When to prune daisies: Pruning in summer and winter

There are many plants that need to be pruned on a regular basis. This task is very important to take good care of them and keep them healthy and beautiful. The famous margaritas also need it, in fact there are different techniques that we can use. However, the most important thing is to know when do you prune daisies

In this article we will explain what is the best time to prune these beautiful flowers and what are the various techniques to carry out this task. Remember that good plant care is the key to making them look spectacular.

When should daisies be pruned?

Prune daisies in late winter or early spring.

To know when to prune daisies, I can tell you in advance that it is generally done before this vegetable recovers its activity, that is, when there is no longer any risk of frost. Therefore, this task must be carried out in early spring or late winter. However, if we live somewhere where the winters are not very cold, we can also consider pruning the daisies in the fall.

But why is the transition from winter to spring the best time of year? The answer is very simple: The plants lose less sage in this period. In addition, as it is a time of growth for them, the wounds we cause them with the cuts heal faster.

As for maintenance pruning, this can be done at any time. It usually takes place when the first suckers appear, which are those twigs that sprout between the branches and the main stem. It is best to cut them when they measure about five centimeters.

When we are clear that it is time to prune our daisies, we must have some gardening scissors ready. It is very important that we disinfect them first with alcohol, to prevent the spread of fungus between plants. In addition, it is advisable to use gloves for greater protection.

Prune daisies in summer

When it comes to pruning daisies, it should be noted that there are different types of pruningeach one is designed for a different purpose. As mentioned above, daisies should be pruned in late winter or early spring. However, we can prune these flowers in summer, for maintenance purposes.

Maintenance pruning, or cleaning pruning, aims to Leave some space in the plant for new, healthy branches to grow. To do this you have to remove all the blunts, leaves and withered, diseased or dead flowers. Although it is true that we can carry out this pruning throughout the year, in summer it is done very frequently.

The first step in accomplishing this task is remove suckers. These always appear between the main stem and the first leaves. Once located, we will cut them carefully so as not to damage the plant more than necessary. The closer to the stem, the better. The ideal would be to remove these twigs when they still don’t reach five centimeters, but nothing happens if they exceed them a little. When making the cut, it is best to do it diagonally. This way the water flows over it and doesn’t stay in the wound, which could cause it to rot.

Once we have cut the suckers, touch remove all unwanted items that we can find in daisies: Sick or dry leaves and stems, withered flowers, sprouts that have emerged from the root, etc. Not only are they bad aesthetically, but they consume energy from the plant.

Prune daisies in winter

At the end of winter and at the beginning of spring is when the pruning of the daisy is usually carried out. At this time we can apply two types of pruning: Of flowering or rejuvenation. Our choice will depend on what we want to achieve.

The first is carried out once a year and its objective is increase daisy bloom, hence its name. But how is flowering pruning done? Let’s discuss it step by step:

  1. Cut the branches that have given flower: Prune only the branches that have flowered, so the plant will put out new shoots. It is best to cut above the second knot from the ground.
  2. Cut the crisscross and stunted branches: As in the previous case, cut two knots from the ground.

It should be noted that stems that have not come to flower should not be cut, So they will next year. Yes, we can cut those that are longer than the others, to give the plant a more harmonious touch.

how to prune daisies

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How to prune daisies?

Rejuvenation pruning, also known as renovation pruning, aims to eliminate all those parts of the vegetable that are damaged or dry. This cleanses the plant and new shoots can grow. This should be done just before the flowering season. There are two different techniques to carry it out:

  1. Drastic rejuvenation pruning: The entire plant is cut at ground level. It should only be done if the plant in question is strong enough to support it. You have to water it and pay it later.
  2. Progressive rejuvenation pruning: Cut 50% of the branches flush with the insertion. Of the other 50% that are left on the plant, more or less half of its length must be cut.

Why is it important to prune daisies?

Pruning daisies helps them develop properly

Now that we know when to prune daisies, let’s highlight the importance of this task. This is not carried out solely for aesthetic purposes, but to help the plant to develop. In this way we manage to redirect their energy and help prevent certain plant pathologies. Due, the development of the plant and its appearance are greatly improved. Daisy pruning is done to meet the following objectives:

  • Improve aeration and lighting of the plant.
  • Promote its growth.
  • Eliminate damaged, dry or dead elements that consume energy and can be a source of diseases and parasites.

As you can see, pruning plants is extremely important for their correct development. We must pay close attention to know what type of pruning the plant requires, because if we do it wrong it can have very negative consequences. At least now we know when daisies are pruned!

When to prune daisies: Pruning in summer and winter

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