How to buy interior design planters

There is no doubt that the interior design planters are the perfect complement for those indoor plants. If you know how to decorate with them, they can ‘dress up’ a room in a totally new and striking way.

But how to buy them? What do you have to pay attention to? Where to buy them cheaper? If you ask yourself a lot of questions and want to see different options, how about we give you a hand right now?

Top 1. The best design planter for interiors


  • It comes with a stand.
  • Made with top quality ceramic.
  • Durability.


  • It turns out small.
  • It does not have a plate to collect the water when it is watered.
  • Sometimes it may not be stable.

Selection of design planters for interior

We know that the first choice may not work for everyone, so how about you take a look at these other options to find the most suitable indoor planters for you?

Trendcool Indoor Planters

Although in the product description it is said that three planters come, the truth is that the images only show us two of the same color (black with a curious design in white).

They are made of plastic and work for both natural and artificial plants.

Small Decorative Pots

In this case you will have a set of five indoor pots, about 13 centimeters each. You have them available in green, white, brown, black or blue.

They are round and serve both indoors and outdoors. What is striking about the design is undoubtedly the horizontal lines that mark the entire pot.

LA Jolie Muse – Set of 2 Ceramic Planters

You have a set of two pots, one larger and one smallerwith drainage holes both.

Its design gives it a striated texture with a shiny surface and an area that looks like rings.

They are made of premium quality ceramic and have a matte finish on the inside.

Rivet Ceramic Planter with Iron Base

This planter is made of stoneware and is round in a mid-century design. It also comes with a iron basebeing able to use it together or separately.

Yes, does not have drainage holesso you would have to put the plant with another pot inside.

Set of 3 Metal Hanging Round Wall Planters for Circle Plants

This is one of the most striking interior design planters you can find. First, because it will hang on the wall; and second, because in it you can grow some plants (We recommend that they be the ones with a very slow growth to avoid transplanting often).

It is available in blue, but also in brown and green, to match the decoration of your home. C

You will get three pieces and it requires some assembly. Also, you have three different sizes.

Buying guide for an interior design planter

When you have an indoor plant, the last thing you want is to leave it in its nursery pot. Surely it is possible that, at the same time that you buy the plant, you also get a pot.

And there are many interior design planters on the market. Have multiple shapes, sizes, designs… and more and more come out every dayso it is not difficult, if a patient search is made, to find those that adapt to your decoration (or your personality).

But when buying designer planters, what do you have to look for? We tell you.


The first thing is the size. You can’t put a big plant in a small pot (you could, but you’ll end up carrying the plant). When you acquire a plant, you have to Look at the size of your pot. This is usually told in the product description (if you buy it online) or is specified on the pot (or you can ask the seller).

To choose a planter, We recommend that you do not choose it very largebut one that is a point or two larger than the original pot. The reason is that if you take a small plant and place it in a large pot, it is normal for its growth to stop, because it prioritizes first developing roots before continuing to grow outside (and that can kill the plant).

Color and design

The next aspect is design. And in this sense we must tell you that there is a lot to choose from, from simple models to those that are much more elaborate, such as heads, rhombuses, famous paintings…

If you take a look in general, you will see that there is little chance of finding duplicates, And it is that in the market of interior design planters, decoration prevails over functionality. Be careful, we do not mean that they are not good, they are, but they give a more elegant touch compared to other outdoor planters.

As for the color, the truth is that you can find multiple options. You will not only have the usual exterior colors, but many more, both simple colors to pastels, strong, combinations, etc.


The price of interior design planters will differ a lot from the two previous points, the size and the design (and color).

You can find pots for 3 euros and others that exceed 100. What does it depend on? The size, design and brand of the pot. In addition to other functionalities that they may have.

Where to buy?

buy interior design planters

Now yes, are you ready to buy interior design planters? Well, we have reviewed some online stores to give you options so that you can go faster. And this is what we have found.


We are not going to say that it is where you will find more options, because in all the stores they have a good repertoire of models. But yeah that’s where find more original designs that you have not usually seen in stores “on foot”. That is why many opt for this, because it is a way to buy something that you are not going to see in the house of a relative or friend.


In Ikea you have almost 100 different products to choose from, from the most classic and “boring” designs for some, to other innovative ones that you won’t know if the plant or the pot itself appeals more.

As for the prices, none exceeds 50 euros, and they are in large pots, so you will not have a problem.

Zara Home

Finally, we have gone through Zara Home. It is perhaps where you will find the least variety, but that does not mean that there is nowhere to choose. They have several models of different sizes.

Prices are not too bad either, although some may be a bit excessive when compared to other sites.

Now that you have seen everything, do you dare to buy interior design planters?

How to buy interior design planters

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