Best Hardy Hanging Outdoor Plants

With good weather it is usual that you want to give color to your terrace, or to your garden. And, as you know, you can do that with plants. But, beyond the ones you plant, Why not also bet on hanging and resistant outdoor plants?

These will have no problem being outside and withstanding the heat or the sun. In return, they will give you a nice coloration in the landscape. Do you want to know what are there?

Senecio rowleyanus

Senecio rowleyanus

The rosary plant, as it is commonly called, is one of the most beautiful you can have, especially since its leaves are actually little balls of intense green. In fact, there is a variegated variety, in which the balls, and some stems, are white and greengiving it an even more special touch.

This succulent is one of the hardy hanging outdoor plants, although in this case it needs semi-shade, since direct sun could burn it and cause the plant to disappear completely.

You have to put it in a pot with a lot of drainage and a rather little watering. You will see how in a short time it begins to come out of the pot and will end up covering it.


Bougainvillea is one of the toughest hanging outdoor plants you can find. Actually, it is a vine, but nobody tells you that you cannot have it as a hanging plant (Although there will come a time when you have to put it in another way, especially if it grows a lot.

It is deciduous, but if you have a temperate climate all year round, maybe not the first few years, but when it gets used to it, it could stay blooming all year.


Another of the hanging and resistant outdoor plants that you can consider is the verbena, a very resistant flowering plant that can be in direct sun without being affected.

Put it in a hanging pot and you will see how it grows and shows a very beautiful (and showy) bloom. And it is that its small pink and fuchsia flowers will attract the attention of anyone.

Yes indeed, it needs you to water it very frequently (You will notice that the leaves wither when they lack water).

creeping lantana

Don’t be confused by his name. It is true that this plant is creeping and serves to cover the ground. But the truth is that you could also plant it in a pot, hang it up and the plant overflowed the edge of the pot and began to hang. If that’s what you’re looking for, this is one of the prettiest you can have outside (and it will withstand heat and sun perfectly, in fact, the more, the more flowers it will put out).

These can be yellow, purple or white.

As for watering, it’s not that it needs a lot, it can withstand a bit of drought, but don’t leave it like this for too long or it will stop flowering.



The Tropaeolum majus we can say that one of the characteristic flowers of summer. And it is that, at this time, quite large flowers bloom, in orange, yellow, red or even bicolor.

Yes indeed, it is necessary that you water it quite frequently since it loves to be in full sun, but that makes it dry very quickly; and considering that it blooms a lot, it runs out of nutrients soon.

What’s more, a curious fact about this plant is that you can eat the flowers. Try including them in a salad and find out how they taste.


Another plant that is usually creeping, the viola, can also become a pendant by putting it in a pot of this type. You won’t notice it at first, but then it will start to slip out of the pot and fall out of the pot.

You can put it both in semi-shade and in direct sun. And best of all, it not only withstands heat, but also withstands frost and low temperatures. An SUV.


Also known (in fact almost more than her name) as “queen’s earrings” or “queen’s earrings”. Even though we talk about a bush (and so you could have it in the garden), the truth is that it is marketed more as a hanging pot.

The most striking thing about this are its flowers, bell-shaped with two main colors, red and white.

It blooms abundantly, but you need to put it in a place where it gets a lot of sun (if it is too intense, then in semi-shade). In addition, watering must be very frequent, up to one or two a day, since it requires a lot of water and it does not like to have dry land (if it happens, the plant will die).

On the Internet you can find some hybrid varieties with flowers of many other colors.


Another of the hanging and resistant outdoor plants that may well rival the Nasturtium, which we have told you about before, is this one. It is true that it is a little smaller (in terms of flowers and general size of the plant). But even so, the flowers are very pretty, with red base tones and yellow spots making each flower unique.

It needs warm temperatures all year round and, thus, it will remain perennial all year round. Of course, he does not like the cold at all.

hanging petunia

We continue with more resistant and hanging outdoor plants. And, again, one with a flower. The hanging petunia attracts a lot of attention for its floweringespecially since if you take good care of it, it could become a flower pot (where you can barely see the leaves).

It grows very, very fast, to the point that it blooms the same year you plant it (spring to fall).

You can find many different colored flowering plants on the market, even bicolor.

As for your care, It needs direct light and frequent watering.



If you don’t like having flowering hanging plants too much, how about you try the pothos? The truth is that there are different varieties to choose from, and these develop very well outdoors.

You just have to find a place for them in semi-shade (because in direct sun the first few years may not bear it) and water them from time to time. In return, due to light, the leaves can change color or become variegated.

As you can see, there are many resistant and hanging outdoor plants that you could have in your garden, terrace or balcony. Do you recommend any more that you like?

Best Hardy Hanging Outdoor Plants

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