Practical guide to buy a garden fridge

The good weather, the holidays or simply wanting to enjoy the garden make us accommodate ourselves and not have to get up to go to the fridge for water, for something to eat… But keeping it cold is not easy when you are outside. Unless you have a garden fridge.

But how to buy one and make it suitable? What do you have to pay attention to to make a good purchase? All of this, and some other things, is what we are going to talk about in this article. Keep reading and you will discover the keys to hit the fridge and make it last a long time.

Best fridges for garden

Best brands of refrigerators for garden

Next we would like to give you some examples of garden fridge brands that you can find in the market and that, due to their quality and price, are usually one of the best sellers.


Coleman is one of the longest running companies. He started making portable gas lanterns (the first to light up a football game at night).

Over the years they have known how to revolutionize and have specialized in certain garden items, including refrigerators, which already makes you think that you are looking at a good brand.

About camping

Campingaz has been dedicated to gas innovation since 1949. Therefore, is highly specialized in portable kitchen appliances. But also, one of the products that we find in its catalog are refrigerators, also focused on providing solutions for camping or simply to enjoy the outdoors while keeping food and drinks cool.


Specialized in portable refrigerators, as well as insulating thermos. He was born in 1947 in a metallurgy workshop and little by little they became one of the brands most related to high quality refrigerators in the world.

Buying guide for a garden fridge

Imagine that you are sunbathing and you fancy a cold glass of water. You get up, go to the fridge, drink a little and take a cold bottle with you to continue enjoying. After twenty minutes you are thirsty again from being in the sun and want to drink. But the water is already hot, and it’s unpleasant. Has it ever happened to you?

This is the main reason why many, whether for the garden, for the beach or for other places where it is hot, looking for a garden fridge: to keep the cold in drinks and food and be able to take them fresher.

However, sometimes we are guided only by the price and do not take into account other more important factors. And that is what we want to avoid. BecauseBeyond the price, other factors that you should take into account are the following:

fridge type

Do you know that there are several types of garden refrigerators? Well yes, there are no longer just the usual refrigerators that you usually remember as a childbut you have car refrigerators, others with designs that simulate being furniture (and in fact you can use them as such)…

garden fridge size

Another aspect to take into account is the size of the refrigerator. It will have to go according to your needs, but also to the space you have available and where you want to put it.

Another thing would be that you want a portable garden fridge, so space would not matter so much, but the weight that it can acquire (which can prevent you from moving it from one place when it is full).


Size and capacity, although you may think they are the same, they are actually not. And it is because the capacity is the space that you will have usable, that it is usually smaller than the size of the fridge itself.

In general, this capacity usually ranges from 30 to 150 liters or more. You can even find it for less, but the number of people who will enjoy it will be less.

cooling type

In general, garden refrigerators do not have refrigeration, but are cooled using ice for it. But when they are fixed, yes You can find two types: compressor, with efficient cooling and fairly low temperatures; and thermoelectric, which have lower performance but are cheaper.

other functions

The fact that it can be folded, that it has special compartments, that the temperature is adjusted, that it has the possibility of releasing the water without having to turn it…


Finally, we come to the price. And in this sense, all of the above and some other aspects will influence. As there are different models and designs, the fork is quite wide, Being able to find refrigerators from 50 euros (and up to 300 or more).

Where to buy?

portable refrigerator Source_Amazon

Now that you know the keys to getting it right when buying a garden fridge, all you have to do is take the plunge and go to a store for it. but how do you know There are many stores that sell this product.

We have searched for which are the most sought after for this product and we have analyzed the results that they have given us. Take a look at what you will find.


Amazon offers us a result of more than 30,000, only, as you know, then you will have to remove those that do not comply with what a garden refrigerator really is. Even so, it has more original designs that may attract you, although in these cases you should be careful with the price.

Leroy Merlin

By Leroy Merlin we have realized that many of the garden refrigerators that you can find are the same ones that you find on Amazon. With which to compare prices can be quite useful. For example, there is a refrigerator on wheels that is more expensive in this store than if you buy it on Amazon.

It is not that they have a great variety, but you will be able to find some fixed refrigerators that you will put to good use.


In the case of Carrefour, there is much more variety, not comparable to Amazon, but at least you have more to choose from. In addition, unlike in Leroy Merlin, or in the first results of Amazon, it does have more traditional refrigerators (the ones with a lid and a handle to take to the beach, camping…).

Its price is affordable, being able to also find some that are on Amazon or Leroy Merlin (again to compare that is good because that way you will find the cheapest).

Do you dare now to take the step and find a fridge for garden that meets your preferences?

Practical guide to buy a garden fridge

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