How to plant a fruit tree in a bag: tips that will help you

Surely from time to time you have bought fruit trees in the bag. These may seem easy to transport, and also by having a plastic bag on the root ball afterwards you do not have to deal with a pot and it is easier to plant. But do you know how to plant a fruit tree in a bag?

If you are saying at this moment that there is no mystery to this, the truth is that it is not so. There are many details that you must take into account to plant them and also to get ahead. How about we talk to you about it?

Planting a fruit tree in a bag, is it good?

Remove the bag Source_YouTube Ecological alternative

Source_YouTube Ecological alternative

When buying fruit trees, you can find these in a plastic pot or in a bag. Both can be healthy, but the truth is that in the second case you should take into account some important aspects.

have the hole ready

We do not advise you to buy a fruit tree in a bag and have it wait for one or two weeks to be planted. It is best to buy them when you already have the chosen place and you are going to do it because, if you leave it for a long time, the roots can end up being damaged and that will harm the health of the tree (to the point that it will not succeed in the end).

To give you an idea, you have to buy it and plant it, if possible within 24 hours (It is not convenient at the same time because it will need a minimum adaptation to the new home).

Also, if you are going to put it in full sun, it should adapt to this beforehand, and therefore it would be better if you planted it in a pot beforehand and give it 14 days to settle so that it does not get stressed nor does the weather. After those days, if you wanted it for the garden, We recommend that you wait for the cold to arrive to plant it (or spring).

If you were already in it when you bought it then you can skip the potting step and plant directly.

That hole you have to make must have double the tree. To give you an idea, if you have bought a fruit tree with a 25cm diameter root ball, then you should make sure that it is at least 50cm in diameter, and also 50cm deep.

You should add a bit of good soil, that of fertilizer, to nourish it.

remove the plastic bag

Plant after removing the bag

The next step you must carry out is to remove the bag. This is important because it is not biodegradable (unless you put it in, of course). In addition, it will not be good for the plant or the earth.

Be careful because when you remove it the dirt can fall off a bit, so do it in a place where you don’t mind it falling too much.

The normal thing is that, once you remove it, a mesh appears. That one is biodegradable and you will see it as a little string. Everyone will tell you to keep it because it will help the rooting of the plant. But we are of the opinion that it is better to cut it back a bit, especially if it is preventing the roots from emerging and developing well.

It is true that over time that mesh will degrade, but if you can cut it a little almost better.

Submerge the root ball in water

If you look closely, and unless you bought it freshly brought in, it is normal for you to find that the root ball is dry. The best thing is to fill a bucket with water and put it there for at least fifteen minutes. so that the soil and roots are well nourished before planting it in the hole (or in the pot).

Prepare the land

While you have the tree in water, you can prepare the soil that you are going to use to plant it. For it, We recommend that it be 50% universal soil with 50% earthworm humus or peat and, also, that you add an extra drainage so that there are no accumulations of water that prevent the plant from breathing or end up drowning it.

Put the fruit tree in the hole

Now yes, you only have to put the fruit tree in the hole (or in the pot) and fill it with the soil you need. Be sure to pack the soil all around with your hands or feet so there are no air pockets.


Finally, it will be time to water. And yes, even when you have put the root ball wet, it is convenient that you water generously at least that first time, and then water it frequently for the first few weeks until you see it settle.

Of course, there is a big difference between irrigation and flooding, so before watering make sure that the first layers of soil are very dry so that nothing happens to your plant.

sow with bag

As you can see, planting a fruit tree in a bag is not difficult at all. But it is convenient that you take into account the fact of removing the bag as well as wetting the root ball before planting it.

Want some more tips? Then pay attention to the following:

  • Try to plant them at the right time. If you want to be successful, it is best to adapt to the exact time when these fruit trees should be planted. If you do it out of season, the possibilities, unless you are an expert, will be reduced.
  • Before planting it, check the root ball well. Many times, especially if you buy them in supermarkets or stores where they carry a large quantity, you can find that they come sick. If you treat the root ball before planting it (for example with a broad-spectrum product) you could prevent this disease or pest from being transmitted to other plants, or even from damaging what you have bought).
  • During the first weeks it may be that your fruit tree looks more downcast, even losing leaves. If after that time it remains the same and it doesn’t seem to slow down can tell you that something is wrong with the plant.

Now you know how to plant a fruit tree in a bag. Have you ever done it? Can you leave us some tips that have been useful for you to do it and for the plant to get ahead?

How to plant a fruit tree in a bag: tips that will help you

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