Looking for a tree with white flowers? Meet some!

Having a tree in your garden is something elegant, sophisticated… But, what about a tree with white flowers? Without a doubt, in its flowering season it will attract a lot of attention. And the truth is that there are enough varieties to have not just one, but several of them.

Here we have prepared a list of trees with white flowers that you are going to love, and even surely decide what is your next purchase for the garden. Shall we start?

Cerezo Yoshino

Cerezo Yoshino

This tree with white flowers is one of the varieties of cherry trees that you can plant in the garden. The most striking are those white flowers that you will see from March to April. Of course, you have to plant it in a semi-shade areasince it does not tolerate strong sun too much (especially in the southern half of Spain).

As for the height, it can easily reach 12 meters as long as it has enough space to grow. If you have it in a pot, it will not exceed two meters.

Cornus «Eddies white wonder»

Let’s go with another variety of tree with white flowers that is characterized by not growing too much, making it suitable for gardens that are not too large. The most beautiful thing about this tree are the white flowersalthough in reality what the flower really is is not those white petals, but these are bracts, and only the center is what we can call a flower.

It happens similar to other plants that you will know more about.

When it blooms it does so in abundancein such a way that it combines the light green of its leaves with the white of the others and creates a very pure effect, especially in already large specimens.

Of course, we are talking about a tree that takes a long time to grow, and it is also deciduous. It is very resistant to both cold and heat.

Robinia pseudoacacia

Also known as false acacia, this is another tree with white flowers that you could consider for your garden, although you should keep in mind that it is capable of growing up to 30 meters.

With a cauda leaf, this tree can last more than 200 years and the most characteristic are the white flowers. But they are not the typical ones, because they will come out in the form of a cluster and, in addition, with a very pleasant aroma. You will only have them in spring, although the spectacle is worth it.

jupiter tree

jupiter tree

Perhaps by this name you do not know what we are referring to. But if instead of this we talk about the lilac of the Indies, mousse or crepe, things can change. Actually, we are talking about Lagerstroemia indica, a tree that is not too big (it can reach eight meters in height) but it is of medium growth. It resists high temperatures very well, as well as low temperatures and even frost.

And when it blooms? It will do so in the spring and summer months. Its white flowers are made up of six bell-shaped petals with curly edges. After them the fruit will appear, which will be a black capsule in which it will have the seeds for new trees.

sweet tea tree

We continue to give you trees with white flowers and, in this case, we are talking about this one, about eight meters high, and with white flowers but, unlike the others, it will have a yellow center. That is why if you want it to be pure white you must choose another varietybut if not, it is fast growing and you can even choose two options: leave it as a tree, or prune it and turn it into a bush.

magnolio grandiflora

Yes, it is magnolia, and not magnolia, although it is known more by this name than by its own. It is a tree from which magnolia flowers come out. These are quite large, some even a foot in diameter. And yes, they are white and they also give off an intoxicating aroma.

The only problem you’re going to have with this tree with white flowers is that the flowers won’t last just a few days. It’s worth it, of course, because watching them bloom is an experience, but the fact that it loses its flowers soon may not compensate you for the investment of its maintenance. Now, its leaves are perennial and you could combine it with other varieties so that they combine the intense green leaves with other shades.

It can reach thirty meters in heightbut again we are talking about a very slow-growing tree, and for this reason it is more common to have it in a pot, and almost as a shrub, than as a tree.

Cow stain

No, we have not confused ourselves with the name, this is how Bauhinia candicans is commonly known, a tree native to the banks near the Uruguay River.

It is characterized above all by the leaves, which are quite large. (they can measure more than ten centimeters) and also because of the flowering it has (very abundant in the spring and summer months).

It is not excessively tall, which is why it is often used in gardens.

mimosa four seasons

Mimosa four seasons Source_Un quadratodigiardino

Fuente_A garden square

The Acacia longifolia is a type of tree that is a bit out of the ordinary from those seen so far. It is a tree (although it is also known as a shrub) capable of reaching ten meters in height.

It grows quite fast and what is most striking is its leaf, perennial and greenish-grey in color; as well as its flowers, always at the end of winter, in a creamy white color with a quite perceptible fragrance. They are very small flowers but they come out almost from the branches, sometimes competing with the narrow and smooth leaves that it has. In fact, they will look like fluff.


To finish, we want to talk about the Taray, also known as Tamarix gallica, a tree with a tail leaf, but with abundant flowering that completely covers the tree with a white layer produced by the flowers it produces. In fact, You will seem to see a tree with hanging flowers that will give it a magical appearance.

That is why, for a garden, you can create a stunning look.

As you can see, finding a tree with white flowers is easy. Deciding on only one may not be so. AND our recommendation is that you place several, if possible with blooms at different times of the year, because that way you will always have some in bloom and you will enjoy them. Do you recommend any more?

Looking for a tree with white flowers? Meet some!

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