How To Buy Garden Ornament Wells

Have you ever considered placing attention-grabbing decorations in your garden? For example, the garden ornament wells, can you imagine having your own wishing well?

Well now you can get it because yes, this product exists and you can buy it to install in your home. But, which ones are the best? What should you watch? How to buy it? Where? If you ask yourself all these questions, below you will get the answers you need.

Top 1. The best garden ornament well


  • Miniature lucky well.
  • It has its own decoration.
  • Waterproof.


  • The size is not very big.
  • He some pieces fall

Selection of garden ornament wells

If you want more options before deciding on one of the garden ornament wells that you like the most, then take a look at the ones we have selected for you.

Rossi Rosa Waterfall with Stream and Pump

Although the name of this item is Arroyo y Bomba, physically it can be seen as a well, since the water falls to that place and then returns upwards. Therefore, we consider it this way.

It is not that big, its measurements are 18×6.5×10 centimeters. It works with cable and is made of wood and moss.

12 Miniature Fairy Garden Ornaments

You’re not going to have just one well, but this set is composed of 12 garden ornament figures among which there is a more or less large well.

The pieces are miniature, so it would be good to place them in a corner of the garden that is destined to make a fairy garden, mythological decorations, theme party, etc. If you don’t want it in the garden, it won’t take up much space on your desk.

Relaxdays Wooden Garden Fountain

This is, perhaps, the most similar product to a decorative well. But don’t be fooled by the photos when you see it because it’s not too big. Its measurements are 33x40x52 centimeters.

It is made of fir wood and you have to take care of it a little so that it does not deteriorate. Also, it comes with a bucket and a crank.

Garden Ornament Buying Guide

We know that putting ornamental wells for the garden is not something that occurs to you overnight. But it is something very sought after and that gives a mystical and rustic touch to your home. Obviously, we know that it is not going to be operational, that is, that you will not get water out of it; but it will give that feeling from afar, and sometimes even up close if you know how to decorate it well.

But how to buy one? Do you choose and that’s it? The truth is that no. The market for ornamental garden wells is not very large, but there are certain categories to take into account, such as the following:


We start with the size of the well. In stores you may even find customizable decorative wells, that is, they are built to the measurements you want. In others, you have to let yourself be guided by what they offer you.

What is clear is that depending on your garden, and what you want the well to occupy, that’s how you should act. Buying an oversized bit for a small garden will not only make you uncomfortable, but you won’t be able to use it properly.


Color is a “relative” thing. In stores they usually sell them gray, black and brick colorbut the truth is that some of those wells can be painted without problem and make them look different.

But in most cases this will be up to you to do.


Buying a garden ornament well is not cheap. Normally, if we talk about the “normal” size, it can cost you between 400 and 800 euros. If it is bigger, add more.

There is another option, which are decorative mini wells that you can scatter around the garden. They are like garden gnomes, small, but they have that well figure. These are much cheaper, from 5 euros to 20-30 euros. But they are only decorative figures, they have no other use as can happen with the previous ones.

How to make a decorative garden well?

Depending on how you want to decorate your well, you will have to do so. There are multiple ways to make a decorative well.

The simplest is buy the artificial well, place it in the place where you want and with the decoration you want (for example plants, a top bar and a rope and had) give it the “essence of a well”.

But actually there are many other ways. For example, there are artificial wells that you can fill with rainwater that will be used to water the plants; and this one you can put a decoration on the upper bricks to give it a magical look (with the ivy you can get it).

If you are looking to do it yourself, then you will need bricks and dough to create it, In addition to controlling very well the shape you want it to have and if it will be operational (that is, to store water) or not. If you want it to work as a water collector, then you will have to waterproof it so that it does not filter down or come out through the bricks.

Where to buy?

buy garden ornament well

Buying a decorative well is not difficult. It is true that it is not a product that is sought after, or that many opt for it to decorate a garden. But it can happen. So we’ve taken a look at some stores to see what you can find and this is what we have seen.


In this case we can not say that Amazon has much to choose from, because the truth is no. In the search for decorative garden wells, we hardly get a few results mixed with accessories for wells and other products from other categories. But as such, there are no wells.


We have more luck in Carrefour, although it must be said that there is not much to choose from. You have a couple of options that are pretty goodalthough its price is high. Even so, they are the closest to what you have in mind as a garden well.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin we have been looking for ornamental wells for the garden, but the truth is that We couldn’t find anything related to this product. It does not mean that physically, in stores, they do not have it, but online they do not seem to have it for sale.

We can tell you little more about garden ornament wells beyond what we have mentioned. You do have to keep in mind that spending time looking at various options and not making the decision lightly can be very successful because that way you can find the model that really meets what you need. Do you dare to put it in your garden?

How To Buy Garden Ornament Wells

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