How to transplant fruit trees successfully

You have just bought a fruit tree , whose root ball is protected with a bag. Don’t you know how to transplant it into a pot? Don’t worry. It’s very simple to do, and we won’t do any harm to the tree.

We show it below.

The first thing you will need to do is prepare everything. Go for it.


  • 1 Tools
  • 2 And now, the step by step




There are a wide variety of substrates on the market. For fruit trees it is advisable to use one that is already paid . In any case, we can also make the mixture ourselves.

For example, we can use these percentages: 70% black peat, 20% perlite (or any other draining material), and 10% organic fertilizer such as earthworm humus or manure.



If we intend to grow the fruit tree always in a pot, or we are going to have few fruit trees, we can choose those that are made of clay. They are very decorative, and, due to their own weight, if we live in a windy area, it will be very difficult for the tree to fall. But, if tomorrow we want to transplant it to the ground, or we want to expand our collection of fruit trees, we will choose the plastic ones. They are cheaper and, in the event that the tree is going to be in the ground in the future, it will greatly facilitate the transplant.

In any case, the pot must be large , so that the tree can develop properly. For example, the one in the photo measures 45cm in diameter.

-Watering can, with water

Watering can

Of course, we could not miss the shower full of water . We will use it after each transplant.

The water should not be too cold or too hot, lukewarm. It can be at room temperature if we live in an area whose minimum temperatures are not very low.

And now, the step by step

Well, now that we have everything ready, we are going to transplant our little tree, which in this case is a persimmon.

-First step, remove the bag


As we can see, the bag is closed with a wire. We will have to unroll it (usually counterclockwise) to be able to remove it.


Once the wire is removed, removing the bag is much easier. We will take the tree by the trunk with one hand, and with the other we will take out the bag.


Then, we will put a little substrate in the pot, we will carefully introduce the tree, and we will add more substrate to finish transplanting it.

The white grid you see is left on. Since if we were to remove it, the root ball could crumble and cause damage to the roots.


Finally, we will water abundantly, leaving the substrate very moist.


And now yes, we already have our transplanted fruit tree. If necessary, we would add more substrate.

The only thing left for us is to choose a good site for him. It must have direct sun, but be sheltered from strong winds.


For windy areas, or for those trees that are going to be exposed, we can place stones as seen in the photo above.

It is a measure that we can take to prevent the pot from falling to the ground after a strong gale, for example. In spring we will remove them to ensure that the sun’s rays can reach the entire root ball well, and the plant can grow properly.

With these simple steps, we will make transplanting fruit trees a very pleasant and entertaining task , even for the smallest of the house.

How to transplant fruit trees successfully

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