What are hydroponic gardens?

Having the possibility of being able to create a hydroponic garden represents one of the tasks that is very easy to carry out for those people who may have the benefit of being able to count on a large patio or, in contrast, a garden, but who do not want to pass up the opportunity to have your own crops in the comfort of your home.

For people who find the idea of ​​hydroponic gardens quite striking , the information that we bring you in this article may seem quite interesting to get down to work and not miss this motivation.


  • 1 First of all, what are hydroponic gardens?
  • 2 What is the type of substrate we can use?
  • 3 What are the types of plants we can grow?

First of all, what are hydroponic gardens?

enjoy an urban gardenThe first thing we must keep in mind when it comes to having fairly clear knowledge is that these orchards are also known, within the world of gardening, with the name of orchards that do not have soil , from what we can say , that this in a definition that can be very particular, since it is a bit complicated for us to be able to imagine the circumstances of being able to have the possibility of growing plants without the need to have them in a soil.

What this term really refers to, and as we have mentioned before, is that it is not of great importance that we can have a space that has land that is prepared in a specific way so that we can fulfill this task of be able to grow plants . We can have the opportunity to create a hydroponic garden in what are seedbeds or if we prefer, it can be in a planter in the comfort of our home , we can even be a little more creative and carry out this task in a few minutes. pots that we can place vertically on a balcony, in case our house has one.

What is really important is that we must know everything necessary to be able to manufacture the substrate that may be the right one to be able to provide the necessary supply of nutrients to the plants that we are going to want to grow in these spaces. And we must not forget that we have to maintain the necessary amounts of light and also water. On the other hand, we can say that there really is no difference with what an orchard is that we can have in a garden; but nevertheless, one of the great advantages is that of being able to save a lot of space , which represents being a great alternative to choose from and which is also something that has expanded in what is our urban world.

What is the type of substrate that we can use?

Vertical orchard

Regarding this issue, we can take into account three types of substrate : organic, inorganic and synthetic, but despite the fact that a large number of stores that are experts in garden products tell us they can sell the first two that we have mentioned completely ready, another advantage of being able to choose to build this type of garden is that we have the opportunity to create them ourselves with those components that we usually have at home or that are not as difficult to find in nature, such as gravel, pumice stone, coconut fiber, coffee husks, sawdust and many other things.

On the other hand, synthetics that can be gene or polyurethane, if we have to buy them directly from a store.

What are the types of plants we can grow?

The different varieties that we can use in a hydroponic garden are quite extensive and although they are used very frequently for the mass production of lettuce , we can also grow tomatoes, celery, parsley, rosemary and many other plants. There are a large number of plants that will be of great help to us in order to maintain a healthy diet and that we can also feel happy to know that we have been able to see them grow in our home.

What are hydroponic gardens?

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