How to buy balcony pots

If you have a balcony, why not brighten it up with some color? Many times we think that, just because it does not get the sun, or because it gets too much, we cannot put plants but the truth is that it is not like that; there are many that adapt to these conditions. So, why don’t you get some balcony pots and contribute your granite to nature?

Here we are going to talk about what are the best pots for your balcony and what could you plant. You want to know more? Well keep reading.

Top 1. The best balcony pot


  • Made of iron.
  • Pack of 8 pots of different color.
  • Small size.


  • They are flimsy.
  • May easily damaged by sun and rain.
  • They stay small if the plant is of medium or tall growth.

Selection of balcony pots

Discover other balcony pots that may interest you.

QPY Balcony Planters

This planter is made of high quality ABS plastic. Dispose of exit holes in the base and measures 30,5 × 8,5 × 8,5 cm. It can be placed on the ground but, with a support, it can also be hung.

REPLOOD Flora balcony vase for rectangular railing

These balcony pots are very comfortable because you avoid the problem that the pots can fall easilybecause they are held by the railing. Its measurements are 58 x 29 x 24 cm and it holds about 15,5 liters.

AGAKY 3 Pieces Hanging Planter

Although these hanging pots are for indoors, this does not mean that they cannot be used outdoors. They stick well to the wall without being too loose (so they don’t move with the air). They come in a pack of three pots.

Lechuza 15680 – Complete balcony pot kit

Measuring 79x19x19 centimeters, this balcony pot (planter) is self-wateringwhich allows you to not worry about watering or place plants that require more water.

VIVANNO ‘ – Planter for balcony

It is a brown polyrattan covered planter, which makes it look quite elegant. It is hanging for the balcony railing but can also be placed on the floor or on a table.

Buying guide for a balcony planter

Sharing your home with a plant is a very beneficial thing. The experts themselves have commented that plants make us feel good, they give us happiness, and that if we can have five of them, their presence will make us feel better.

Therefore, if you can’t have them at home, or you only want one or two indoors, and you have a balcony, why not take advantage of it and put balcony pots? Thus, not only do you brighten your life, but you also make those who see them cheer up too.

Of course, the first shift you see is not worth it and that’s it; sometimes you have to review a little more and above all know the characteristics that you must take into account. Which? Well these:


We start with the size, because based on the space you haveor that you want to allocate to the pots, you can choose one or the other. This will depend on the plant. If you are looking for one that grows very fast, you will have to be changing it every so often, and if it is one of the big ones, it may end up not fitting on the balcony.

So our suggestion is that you choose medium-growing plants and more or less medium-sized pots, they will keep you that way for several years. Or you can choose small and gradually increase.


Color is something It depends a lot on the tastes of each one. There are those who prefer basic and solid colors so that the plants are the ones that stand out, and others seek to give color even in pots (having a small rainbow.


And we come to the price. And in this case we must say that it will depend a lot on aspects such as size as well as design, special characteristics, brand… In general, you can find small balcony pots for 2 euros or so, and large ones for between 10 and 20 euros (the basic ones). And from there up.

What can I plant in a balcony pot?

Surely many times you have thought: what am I going to put on the balcony if it is always in the shade/sun? What yes? Well, you know that there are many options, both with shade and sun plants.

In fact, you could think about putting plants that do not require direct sunlight (which there are) such as the calatheas (if you control well other aspects such as humidity) or the philodendron, which do not require direct sunlight. If you prefer flowers, you can opt for the Oxalis, so fashionable now, that do need a lot of light, but not sun; or jasmine, begonias, azaleas, alegrías…

Another option is aromatic plants or vegetables, which don’t need much either and in return they will help you in the kitchen.

Note that having balcony pots does not mean that they should be placed on the railingor on the ground supported by it, but you could also opt for supports that allow you to lift them off the ground (to water even better) and even have more space to place more pots. These stands come in many different styles, from “shelves” to unique stands made of aluminium, iron, wood or plastic that raise the pot (they are like little seats).

We give you some examples:

Where to buy?

buy balcony pots

Now yes, you already have the keys to buy balcony pots. And surely you have already chosen the plants that you are going to put, right? Well, the next thing is, where to buy them? We have also done a little search and this is what we have found.

The Amazon

Amazon has a wide catalog of balcony pots, with the advantage of finding many models, designs and sizes, although sometimes their prices are somewhat high (compared to others).

Even so, the basic ones are at a good price.


With 47 products in its catalog you will have a choice between different pots. Many of them are gardenerssome with separations so that you can plant several types of plants and that they do not fight for space with the roots of others.

You have variety, affordable prices depending on what you are looking for and some other curious for your balcony.


To find the balcony pots at Ikea you have to go to the outdoor planters and pots, where you will have a few more items than in the previous store. Stands out for the variety in colors and also for some designs that stand out from others.

Leroy Merlin

Also in pots and outdoor planters you have more than a thousand articles in Leroy Merlin. This implies that you will have different shapes, models, colors, etc. You can filter by materials, by size, and even by special characteristics (for hanging, with support, frost resistant, self-watering…).

You no longer have an excuse. Give color to your life with these balcony pots.

How to buy balcony pots

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