9 hanging flowers for balcony or terrace

Do you have a balcony or terrace and would you like to decorate them with plants with hanging flowers flashy? If so, you are in luck. In this special we are going to tell you 9 species that are especially recommended to have in those spaces.

Plants that are very easy to care for and with which you are sure to enjoy a lot. So, without further ado, let’s see what are those flowers that can not be missing on any balcony or terrace.



The Calibrachoa is a genus of plants that is closely related to that of the Petunia. In fact, it is very easy to confuse them; so much so that they are known as Petunia calibrachoa. They are herbaceous perennial plants, but very sensitive to cold. They belong to the botanical family Solanaceae, and grow to a height of 30-35cm, and their stems tend to hang from pots. The flowers are trumpet-shaped, colored yellow.

This curious plant must be placed in full sun, and must be watered frequently, preventing the soil from drying out.


Campanula persicifolia

Campanula are herbaceous plants native to Europe that grow up to 30cm in height. They belong to the botanical family Campanulaceae. The most suitable species are Campanula carpathica and bellflower isophyllasince they are perennial, which means that they live for several years. Its flowers are trumpet-shaped, and are colored blue or white.

They are sensitive to cold, so when the temperature drops to 5ºC it goes to rest. They should be put in a semi-shady place, and watered frequently during the warm months.

Ivy geranium

pelargonium peltatum

When it comes to hanging flowers, ivy geraniums are one of the most recommended plants. They have been used for centuries to decorate Andalusian balconies and patios, due to their extraordinary flowering and easy cultivation. Its scientific name is pelargonium peltatumand they are originally from South Africa. They belong to the botanical family Geraniaceae. They reach a height of 30-40cm, with creeping stems, and very decorative flowers, colored red, purple, pink or white.

They are well resistant to frosts down to -3ºC, so they can be grown outdoors all year round in mild climates. For them to grow well, it is important to give them direct sunlight, at least 4 hours / day, and they must be watered frequently during the summer, avoiding letting the substrate dry out.


royal fuchsia

Fuchsia are deciduous shrubs native to Peru, Chile and Argentina. They belong to the botanical family Onagraceae, and are known as Queen’s Earrings. They can grow up to 50cm tall. Its hanging flowers have the sepals of contrasting color with that of the petals, of shades red, purple, white or fuchsia.

Place them in an area where there is no direct sunlight, especially if you live in a hot climate, and water them with water with a low pH (between 4 and 6). If it has a lot of lime, you can acidify it by diluting the liquid of half a lemon to 1l of water.

hoya carnosa

hoya carnosa

The hoya carnosaknown as the Porcelain Flower, Wax Plant or Wax Flower, is an evergreen climbing plant native to southern China that belongs to the botanical family Apocynaceae. It is characterized by having delicate and small flowers that appear to be made of wax, white in color.

It is sensitive to cold, but in hot climates with light frosts (down to -3ºC) it can be grown outside in the shade. It has to be watered two or three times a week in summer, and once or twice the rest of the year.

Impatiens walleriana

Impatiens walleriana

The Impatiens walleriana It is an annual herbaceous plant native to India and China that grows up to 20cm in height. It is known by the names of Balsamina, Joy of the house or home, or Miramelindos. It belongs to the botanical family Balsaminaceae, and has very beautiful colored flowers orange, pink, red or white.

In order for it to grow well, it must be placed in semi-shaded places, and it must be watered frequently, preventing the substrate from drying out.

Lobelia differed

Lobelia differed

The Lobelia differed It is a herbaceous plant that is normally grown as an annual, but in warm climates without frost it can be several years old. It is native to South Africa, and belongs to the botanical family Lobeliaceae. It grows to a height of 20cm, with blue flowers that come to cover

practically the entire plant.

In order to produce an interesting quantity of flowers, it must be placed in full sun, and watered 3, maximum 4 times a week in summer; the rest of the year, once every 4-5 days will suffice.


Petunias x hybrida

The surfinia, whose scientific name is hybrid petuniais an annual plant that belongs to the botanical family Solanaceae. It grows to a maximum height of 30-35cm, with a pendulum bearing, making it ideal to have in hanging pots. Its flowers are trumpet-shaped, of different shades of pink, white, violet, or bicolor.

Place it in an area where it gets direct sun, and water it regularly avoiding the substrate from drying out.

vinca minor

vinca minor

The vinca minorknown as Ass Violet, Maiden Grass or Dominica, is a perennial herbaceous plant native to Europe that grows up to 25cm in height. It belongs to the botanical family Apocynaceae, and is characterized by having flowers with five petals of blue, lilac, white or pink color.

If you choose to purchase a specimen, you have to place it in a semi-shaded area, and water it about three times a week in summer and every 5 days the rest of the year.

And so far our selection. Do you know of other hanging flowers that can be on balconies or terraces?

9 hanging flowers for balcony or terrace

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