How To Buy A High Quality Planter

tall planter

tall planter

If you like plants, you will surely take into account the pots and flowerpots that you buy, since these must be adapted to the plants (and not the other way around). But what if you need a tall planter? Do you know how to choose the best?

Here we present a practical guide so that it is not difficult for you to buy tall flower pots that adapt to the needs of your plants. Go for it?

Top 1. The best tall planters


  • Made of strong and durable plastic.
  • Available in 5 different sizes.
  • Insert and handles for easy transport and movement.


  • Plastic may be less weather resistant than other materials such as wood or metal.
  • The price may be a bit higher than other plastic planters available.

Selection of tall planters

Do you want more tall planters to choose from? Here are a few more that we found interesting.

Prosperplast Tubus Slim Effect made of plastic with tank in Anthracite Color

And nail dimensions of 47,6x25x25 cmthis planter is made of durable plastic in the color anthracite. It is suitable for indoors or outdoors and gives a feeling of being made of concrete. It has a smaller interior tank, 9 liters of soil compared to the 15,5 liters it occupies completely.

Tall Square Pot 19 L Prosperplast Rato Square plastic with tank in White Color

It has a design and texture resembling natural rattan weave, which makes it very decorative and pleasing to the eye. It has an interior tank of 7,5L while the total pot is 19L.

High 26,6 L Prosperplast Urbi Square Effect plastic pot with Anthracite Color tank

It is a 2 in one set. And it is that the planter includes an internal tank which reduces the amount of land needed. In this way, although the pot has 26,6L, the tank only remains at 11L.

Its dimensions are 50×26,5cms.

Deuba Planter for plants and flowers Anthracite 32L

This tall planter is made of durable plastic in an anthracite colour. It has a semicircular shape and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It is lightweight and easy to transport. It has a total volume of 32L and a 40cm diameter (its height is 42cm).

Vanage Plastic Gardener

It is a plastic pot designed for use in the garden. It is available in three colors: grey, noir (black) and beige.

It is made of high-quality plastic and has approximate dimensions of 28x28x60 centimeters.

Tall planter buying guide

Buying a tall planter is not difficult, far from it. But the truth is that hit with that choice yes it can besince there are certain aspects that you should not overlook.

So if you’re looking to buy a tall planter, here are a few things to consider:


The color should be chosen basically for the decoration you have, either inside the house or outside. Fortunately In the market you can find flower pots of multiple colors. Of course, remember that, sometimes, for some plants the “dyes” used to paint the pot are not very suitable.


Planters can be made of different materials, such as wood, plastic, fiberglass or metal. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, wood is more durable but requires more maintenance, while plastic is lighter but less durable.


Be sure to choose a tall planter that is suitable for the plants you have or plan to grow. In addition, you must take into account that it has enough space and depth so that the plants can grow and develop.

Price range

Here it is very important to stick to the budget when choosing a tall planter. There are options available to suit all budgets, but sometimes it is better to invest a little more in a good quality planter that will last longer.

That being said, you will be able to find them in a very wide fork, from 15 euros (the smallest) to more than 200 in the case of the largest and quality ones.

What is the difference between a planter and a pot?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Did you think they were the same? From now on we say no, and it is that:

And planter is a large container and usually round or rectangular used to place pots or pots with plants. These are made of resistant materials such as wood, plastic or metal and are used to decorate patios, terraces and gardens.

On the other hand, pot is a smaller container used to grow plants and flowers. Pots can be of different shapes and sizes and are made of various materials, such as ceramic, plastic or metal. They are mainly used to grow plants inside a house or in a place protected from the outside.

How to know the size of the pot?

When buying a tall planter, it is normal that you have doubts about its size. But don’t worry, there are some factors to consider:

  • plant size: It is important to choose a pot that has enough space for the plant to grow and develop.
  • Weight: a container that is too large can be very heavy once it is filled with soil and plants.
  • Available space: You must take into account the space available where you plan to place the planter.
  • Style: It is also important to choose a planter that fits the style of your garden or patio.

A little trick to keep in mind is choose a tall container that is at least twice the diameter and triple the depth of the container in which the plant is grown.

Thus, the plant will have enough space to grow and you will ensure that the pot has the capacity to retain enough water and nutrients for the plant.

What is the function of the planter?

Actually, the tall planter does not have a function. It has two:

Where to buy?

buy tall planter

buy tall planter

Now that you know a lot more about tall planters, how about we culminate by giving you stores where you can buy them? The ones that seem most notable are the following:

The Amazon

Amazon is one of the first options of many, and it is that it is where you will find more variety. Now, the results it offers give you not only these flowerpots, but many others, so you will have to check which ones suit you and which ones do not. Another point to take into account is the price, since in some it is high.


In Ikea you will find some tall planters, but pots will also appear in the results, so you should be careful when choosing. As for the prices, they are not bad, in line with what they can cost you.

Leroy Merlin

We cannot say that it has many models to choose from, because the truth is that it is not. But yes, you will be able to find yourself various types of tall planters. Of course, its price is not cheap. In addition, you must be careful since other products appear in the search.

Have you already opted for your tall planter?

How To Buy A High Quality Planter

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