Guide to buy folding tables

Surely more than once you have encountered the problem of not having tables where you can place what you want. Perhaps next to an armchair to have your favorite book waiting for you to take time. Or maybe in the garden when you walk out with a drink in hand and have to put it on the ground because you don’t have folding tables.

Up to now. Here you will be able to find a selection of quality folding tables, but also a guide to help you make your purchase as successful as possible and invest your money well. Shall we show you how?

Top 1. The best folding garden table


  • Combine resin with steel.
  • It has an adjustable height.
  • It does not need maintenance.


  • Low quality.
  • White is sometimes not pure (blue streaks or dots).
  • It can be unstable.

Selection of folding tables

Here is a selection of folding tables that may also interest you.

Relaxdays Folding Side Table, Rectangular Bedside Table, Walnut Wood, 40,5 x 33 x 33 cm

It is a decorative and folding table that is very striking due to its grained wood and grid design. It is rectangular in shape and can easily serve one person.

Nestling Portable Folding Table Aluminum Camping Garden Folding Camping Kitchen Height Adjustable

It is composed of two parts, on the one hand the table top, which is rolled up, and on the other the lower frame. It can be adjusted in height and also comes with a carrying case.

LIFETIME 80471 – Lifetime ultra-resistant multipurpose folding table 184x76x73,5 cm uv100

It has collapsible folding legs and a polyethylene base. It is quite large so that the board can be folded in half and the legs can be hidden inside. Ideal for four people.

LIFETIME 80423 – Lifetime ultra-resistant multipurpose folding table 84×73,5 cm uv100

With a rounded design, it is made of polyethylene (the base) and steel tubes with anti-rust powder. It is suitable for 2 people, three at most.

Grosfillex 52149004 Vega Folding Table 118 x 77, White, 118 x 77 x 72 cm

Available in various colours, it is a rectangular table for outdoors with a more resistant foot to give it greater stability.

Folding table buying guide

Buying folding tables to give them the use you need is very good. But sometimes we make a mistake in the type of table we buy and it is because we do not take into account the characteristics that we need and we are guided only because “it is beautiful.

So below we will talk about the keys that you must take into account to discard those folding tables that do not serve you.


The first thing is to know what size table you need. Sometimes, because of the space you have, it should not be very large. Keep in mind that the larger the size, even if it is folded, the more space it will occupy, in addition to the fact that, once placed, it can create a false sense of ornate in the room, because it is too big.

Do not be guided by the size itself, choose the right one for that place you want because if you think about everything you could put on top of it, you will want to buy the largest one and then it may not be functional.


The material of the folding tables is quite varied but the factor that we will see a little later will have a great influence, that you want to put it inside the house or outside it.

In general, the most common in folding tables is that you find them made of wood, plastic, etc.

Outdoor or indoor

As we told you before, you can use folding tables indoors or outdoors. Because it is important? Due to inclement weather.

If it is going to be outdoors, the materials should be prepared to withstand high or low temperatures, as well as the wind (so that it does not knock them over). On the other hand, indoors it does not have to be that way, and that allows them to be more showy decoratively.

Price range

We come to the price. There are many folding tables, and the same goes for the price. Depending on all of the above, and linking it to the brand, popularity, etc. prices differ between 20 euros and more than 200 (for large or sophisticated folding tables).

Here the budget you have will come into play so as not to spend more than you should.

Where to buy?

After everything that we have told you, and the multiple uses that you can give to folding tables, if you need them; or the ease of storing them and that they hardly take up space, there is no doubt that it can be a good choice.

But we have the last step, knowing where to buy them. And it is that not only do you have the Amazon store to make your purchases but you could also buy folding tables in other places. We tell you about some of the ones we recommend.

The Amazon

Amazon is our first choice because, being an online business that encompasses many others, you have more variety than in physical stores. That means you have more types, models… but also a higher price range. What will fit your budget? Of course, as long as you don’t look at other more expensive ones.

To field

In Alcampo they do not have a wide variety of models, but the folding tables that you will find can be very well priced, cheap and of acceptable quality. In addition, you can buy them both physically in their stores and online.


Another of the supermarkets where you have a limited variety of tables is Carrefour. Here it will depend on whether you want to buy it online (where they are now open to other stores selling with them and thus have increased their stock), or if you go physically to a store (where the models are more limited).


Ikea is a good choice because it is focused on DIY, gardening, etc. so you will find more models of folding tables than in the previous ones and at quite good prices and quality.

Again online they can have more variety than if you went to the stores.


Finally, we are talking about Lidl, which although its products are temporary, they usually appear once or twice a year in its catalogue. Of course, in this case you only have one or two models of folding tables, there are no more. But the price is one of the lowest (with medium-high quality) that you can find. You just have to be attentive.

Have you already decided on those folding tables you needed?

Guide to buy folding tables

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