How to buy large ceramic planters

large ceramic planters

If you have a large plant, the most normal thing is that you have it in a pot according to its size. However, when you want it to shine, there is nothing better than large ceramic pots, since these are more attractive.

Now, can it be bought anywhere? Do you just have to check that the pot goes into them? Which are the best on the market? If you ask yourself all these questions, then we give you the keys so you can make good purchases.

Top 1. The best large ceramic planter


  • Round shape and wavy design.
  • 100% resistant.
  • Variety of colors and sizes.


  • Wrong measurements.
  • It has no holes.

Selection of large ceramic pots

Discover other large ceramic pots that you can buy. Who knows, maybe the one you’ve been looking for for a long time is among them.

KADAX ceramic planter

It is a pot that you can buy in different diameters (17, 18, 22 x 12 cm), in white (there is also black) and with a round shape.

It is made of high quality ceramic and has two tonesalthough in the photos this is not appreciated.

Bloomingville Pot Dot – Round Decorative Planter for Flowers and Plants

This pot has a enamel finish and some cracks that are not due to transport but natural, which gives it a special appearance. This one in particular is 15,5 centimeters and you can choose it in several different colors.

Soendgen Ceramic Flower Pot

This is one of the large ceramic planters that will catch your eye the most. has some measures 19 x 19 x 18 centimeters and is round in shape. It’s enameled but it doesn’t shine enough to make it unbearable. In addition, you must take into account that it does not have a lower hole.

La Jolíe Muse Ceramic Pots

You will receive a pack of two pots, one of 17 centimeters and another of 14. Both they come with the hole in the base and have natural colors that will combine with everything. They can be put

together or individually.

The ceramic is of the highest quality and is glazed on the outside with a waterproof coating on the inside. They are very quick and easy to clean.

OYOY Living Inka Kana Ceramic Planter L10236

In this case we are talking about a ceramic pot of 30 x 30 x 23 centimeters. Is in anthracite gray color and has a curious design. The diameter is about 30 centimeters and the height about 23 centimeters.

To clean it, just wipe it with a damp cloth, do not put it in the dishwasher.

Buying guide for a large ceramic planter

Large ceramic pots are usually pots that not only serve to house plants, but also decorate themselves. Normally these are chosen by combining both the decoration you have in your house or garden and the color of the plant. The objective is that it matches well with the colors of the plant that it will have, but at the same time also with those of the area where you are going to put it.

But, getting that is not going to mean that you make a good purchase, because you can be ignoring aspects that are the ones that really matter. Which?


First of all, the size, that is, that it is of the appropriate diameter and depth for your plant. If this is just right, or does not fit, you should not touch the plant to put it in any way, because the only thing you are going to get is damage it.

Therefore, when buying large ceramic pots, you must make sure that they will serve; otherwise it is better to look for other options.

the type of plant

Not all plants can put a ceramic pot. In case you don’t know, there are some that do not do well for their roots and need another material to conserve moisture (or to make them drier).


Regarding the color, this is something that we have already talked about. You should not only look because it looks good in your house, but also because it looks good with the plant. Thus you will get it to shine more and fill the room or the place where you place it.

Price range

Finally, we would have the price and in this case everything will depend on both the color or design and the size of it. The bigger, the higher the price.

In general, the price range can go from 5-6 euros to more than 100 for some larger ones and with some special characteristics (such as self-watering).

Where to buy?

buy large ceramic pots

buy large ceramic pots

You already have the keys to make a good purchase of large ceramic pots. But now, you need to know where to buy them (and that they are of quality). So here are some options to consider:

The Amazon

We start with Amazon and we have to say that it does not have as many as we would likealthough there are more than 400 results that you will find. However, within them you will have to filter with other products that are not planters themselves, which is less.

The advantage of Amazon is that many of these pots are original (in the sense that you will not have seen them very often in your area) which makes it more difficult to match another house.


At Ikea, first of all, you must choose whether you want indoor or outdoor pots. In both cases you have several large ceramic pots, at different prices, although that “large in many cases” remains… (the outdoor ones, only 3 are at least 15cm).

Leroy Merlin

The same thing that used to happen with Ikea, happens with Leroy Merlin. In other words, the first thing is to decide if those large ceramic pots are going to be indoors or outdoors. That yes, when we have entered both categories we have realized that, among the materials, there is not ceramic, so you will not be able to find any pot with this material.

Buying large ceramic pots is not difficult. But if, in addition to making them look pretty, you get them to be functional, then you will have made a good purchase. Do you already know which planter you are going to choose?

How to buy large ceramic planters

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