Large artificial plants: The best on the market and buying guide

Large artificial plants look more and more real

Large artificial plants look more and more real

Do you like plants but don’t have a hand for them? Or do you just don’t have time to take care of them? There are many people who due to lack of skill or time cannot have vegetables at home to decorate their home. Fortunately we can currently find a large selection of large artificial plants on the market.

As the years go by, synthetic products become more and more present in our lives. This also involves plants. Today we can find synthetic plants that look very real, thus motivating people to buy them to decorate their home. In this article we are going to talk about the best large artificial plants and how to acquire them.

? The best large artificial plants?

Of all the large artificial plants out there, We want to highlight this Drácena de Outsunny model for its good evaluations by buyers. Its beautiful appearance makes it an ideal product to decorate both interiors and exteriors. This synthetic plant has a very realistic design and has 66 leaves. In addition, the black pot is included and is filled with cement that has a surface layer of moss made of synthetic PE. As for the dimensions, it has a diameter of 20 centimeters and a height of 160 centimeters.


Obviously, As it is a synthetic plant, it does not require all the maintenance extras of a natural one. That is to say: You do not have to water it or use fertilizers, it does not wither and does not require light. The only thing that is advisable is to wipe it with a damp cloth from time to time to remove the dust, as if it were another piece of furniture in the house.


Despite that its value for money is quite good, It is a somewhat expensive synthetic plant, due in part also to its size. There are many more large artificial plants on the market at a more affordable price.

Selection of the best large artificial plants

In case our top 1 of large artificial plants hasn’t convinced you, don’t worry. There are many more models on the market. We can find synthetic plants of different species, sizes and prices. Next we are going to discuss the six best large artificial plants.

Leaf 100cm Artificial Orchid Plant

We start the list with this Orchid replica of Leaf. It is 100 centimeters high and thanks to the colored flowers we can give a very nice touch to our home. What’s more, It can be arranged in such a way that it fits into the space, since the stems are wired. This synthetic plant comes in a smooth plastic pot, ready to be displayed. In terms of design, the foliage is quite accurate on a botanical level, making it very realistic.

Artificial Palm Tree, Ideal for Home or Office Decoration

Second we have this artificial palm tree from Maia Shop. In order to make it the closest thing to natural bamboo, high quality materials have been used for its manufacture. The branches are articulated, facilitating their adaptation to the space. In addition, this artificial plant is ideal for decorating the home. It has a height of 120 centimeters.

Outsunny Artificial Yucca with Pot for Garden

Another of the most remarkable large artificial plants is this replica of yucca from Outsunny. It is a model suitable for both indoors and outdoors, ideal for decorating all kinds of spaces. This synthetic plant is made up of a total of 93 leaves, faithfully reproducing the appearance of yucca. What’s more, This product comes with the black flower pot included. This is filled with cement with a surface layer of artificial moss. Regarding the measurements, the diameter of this artificial plant is 18 centimeters while its height corresponds to 165 centimeters.

Outsunny Artificial Ficus Tree 145 cm Tall

We continue with this synthetic ficus tree replica, also from Outsunny. It is made of high-quality plastic and cotton luster that is characterized by its long durability. With a total of 756 leaves, this synthetic plant faithfully reproduces the look and texture of the natural one. The pot is included and is filled with cement to provide greater stability. To give it more realism, the upper part is covered with synthetic PE moss. As for the dimensions of this artificial plant, the diameter corresponds to 20 centimeters and the height to 145 centimeters.

Outsunny Artificial Bamboo 180cm with Natural Canes

This other Outsunny model could not be missing from our list of the best large artificial plants, this time simulating an artificial bamboo 180 centimeters high. Both the bush and the moss are made of high-quality PE, which it is also environmentally friendly and resistant to mold. As for the base, it is filled with cement to increase the stability of the synthetic plant. The bamboo tree has a total of 1105 leaves and 6 branches, which can be bent manually.

Artificial Banana

We finished the list with this artificial banana from Maia Shop. It is made of high quality materials in order to achieve a natural and realistic appearance of the plant. Regarding the composition, It consists of synthetic trunks with articulated branches so that it can adapt to the space. This synthetic plant is 180 centimeters high and 90 centimeters wide. On the other hand, the black plastic planter has a height of 17 centimeters and a width of 19 centimeters.

Large Artificial Plants Buying Guide

Large artificial plants can be very decorative if we like them, but before purchasing them There are a number of aspects that we must take into account. We will comment on them below.


First of all we must be aware of the size we want the synthetic plant to have, so that it fits properly in the space we have selected. Luckily, most of these products come with adaptable branches.

Quality and design

Quality and design are two very important factors if we want it not to be noticed that the plant is artificial.

The better the quality and the more elaborate the design, the more realistic the synthetic plant will appear.

Price range

Obviously, you can’t miss the price. It’s advisable put a cap on the money we want to spend on large artificial plants.

Where to place large artificial plants?

Large artificial plants are a good choice for home decoration

Large artificial plants are a good option to decorate the home

Large artificial plants can be placed where we please, they adorn any space both indoors and outdoors. However, if our objective is to place synthetic plants outside the home, such as in the garden or on the terrace, we must make sure that the material from which they are made resists the elements.

Where to buy

Since there are so many options for purchasing large artificial plants, we have selected a few for discussion.

The Amazon

Amazon is a great online sales platform where we can find all kinds of products. The large artificial plants that this internet giant offers us are many, so we will surely find one that suits our taste.


Also many physical gardening, DIY and furniture stores offer large artificial plants. An example would be the Ikea, where we can see them displayed in pre-designed rooms.

Large artificial plants are an excellent option to decorate our home or office. They are beautiful and require little attention. If you want to beautify your environment, do not hesitate.

Large artificial plants: The best on the market and buying guide

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