How To Buy Realistic Artificial Plants

Having plants in your home is something positive that affects your happiness and overall health. But if you don’t have time to take care of live plants, or you’re not very good at them, you can always opt for realistic artificial plants. These will offer you the green decoration you are looking for without you having to deal with them daily.

If you would like to know which are the most suitable realistic artificial plants on the market or know what you should pay attention to before buying them, then we will talk about it.

Top 1. The best realistic artificial plants


  • Average size.
  • It does not need maintenance.
  • Hanging type.


  • The bottom makes it known to be fake.
  • Smaller than expected.

Selection of realistic artificial plants

Within the world of artificial plants there are many different models and species with which to decorate your home or garden. For this reason, here we leave you a selection of them so that you have more to choose from or even mix them between them.

PLCatis 2 Pieces Realistic Artificial Hanging Plants

These are two hanging plants that simulate an ivy. They are made of plastic and have a green color with some shade of yellow. They only need to be dusted at least once a week and can be hung indoors or out.

DWANCE 2pcs Outdoor Artificial Plants

In this case you have an artificial green dill. Is made of high quality plastic.

VIVERIE Faux Succulents in White Ceramic Desktop Pots

These artificial succulents look almost like the real thing. They are four mini plants located in white ceramic pots. Having that pink hue makes them very striking wherever you place them.

SOGUYI Artificial Plants 40cm

Made of plastic, these two artificial plants 40 centimeters they will simulate a bird of paradise plant and a sansevieria. They can be placed both inside and outside the house.

Fopamtri Artificial Areca Palm Plant

This 60 cm areca is made of polyester and you can place it in larger spaces to make its imposing appearance stand out. It does not need much maintenance and also you can find it up to 130 cm long.

Realistic artificial plant buying guide

We are aware that an artificial plant is not the same as a natural one. The way it develops, the flowers, the fact of having a different touch between a natural and an artificial one are factors that influence when choosing a plant to decorate your home. But today artificial plants are very realistic, which means that at first glance, you may not know that it is a fake plant.

For this to happen it is necessary to buy quality realistic artificial plants. And in this case, there are some factors that can help you choose the best specimens. These are:


We start with the size, something very important and to take into account depending on the space you have. In the market you can find many sizes of realistic artificial plants, from those tall and ostentatious to smaller ones suitable for a tea table or as an accessory on a shelf.

The choice between one or the other you should take it based on the space and what you want these plants to occupy in that room or in the garden. It is usually advisable to place a large plant in a large space such as the living room or dining room and use the smaller ones as decoration to draw attention to a certain area of ​​a room.


Flower poles, small, medium or large plants, hanging artificial plants, vertical gardens… The truth is that there are many types of artificial plants to choose from. Depending on where you want to place it, you must choose one type or another.

Price range

As for the price, it is clear that it will not be the same to buy a small realistic artificial plant than a large one. The size as well as the quality of the materials used to build them can differ and make it more expensive or cheaper.

There is even some specimens that can cost more than natural plants. The price range is quite wide but you can find realistic artificial plants from three euros.

Which is better: natural or artificial flowers?

One of the main doubts when buying realistic artificial plants is whether they will be better than natural flowers. There is no doubt that still There is no artificial plant or artificial flower that is one hundred percent similar to the natural one. The touch, the smell, and even its growth are totally different from those of an artificial plant and, although at first glance you may not distinguish it, when you get closer and notice it.

Now, it is normal that, if you do not have time, or if the plants do not look good, you have to opt for these artificial ones to give a green touch to your home.

Thus, we can say that natural flowers are always better than artificial ones but the care that these need make, sometimes, impossible for you to have that living specimen.

What does Feng Shui say about artificial flowers?

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy used in decoration to balance positive and negative energies and use the former for one’s own benefit. Within this philosophy there are certain rules that must be met in terms of home decoration and an important point in which it has always collided is with the use of artificial plants.

Formerly, Feng shui did not accept artificial plants in homes because these prevent the energies from flowing and they store the negative. However, over time they have opened up a little more and now tolerate realistic artificial plants that are made of silk or similar products.

Only dried flowers would be prohibited within this form of decoration.

Where to buy?

buy realistic artificial plants

You already know what to look for, and it is even possible that you have seen some specimens that fit perfectly with what you are looking for. But Have you ever wondered where you can buy realistic artificial plants?

We have done a search in the main ones and this is what we have found.

The Amazon

Amazon is one of the stores where you will find more variety and quantity of realistic artificial plants. Some of them are little known or perhaps you have never seen them.

As for their prices there is something for all pockets, although in some products they may be somewhat higher than normal.


At Bauhaus you will be able to find a section of artificial plants among which you will have more than 200 products and different variants from vertical gardens to small, medium, and large plants.


In Carrefour they also have a special section for artificial plants and in it you will find more than 800 different products at different prices. However, you should keep in mind that there multiple different products, from pots, planters, and plants themselves.


Within the Ikea gardening section you also have the possibility of finding artificial plants. Have a good assortment of them, but almost all basic and of habitual copies in the decoration of the homes.

The English Court

Here you will find a special section of gardening and artificial plants where they have multiple models of different sizes with which to satisfy the needs of its customers.

The prices do not differ too much from other stores, but it is true that some are more expensive than what you can find in other places.

Leroy Merlin

Within the garden decoration section, at Leroy Merlin you will be able to find artificial plants and artificial flowers. You can better refine the search using the left column in which you can define by type of plant, that is, if you want potted plants, trees, flower poles, hanging plants…

Have you already decided on your realistic artificial plants?

How To Buy Realistic Artificial Plants

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