What is a bare root plant

What is a bare root plant? When we want to save a little money, we may be interested in buying one that is not planted in a pot or in the ground, not even in a bag or sack. But you have to know that acquiring one in this way can become a waste of money.

Therefore, we want you to know , not only what a bare root plant is, but also what you are really taking home .


  • 1 What is a bare root plant?
  • 2 Is it a good idea to buy such a plant?
  • 3 When can they be purchased?

What is a bare root plant?

It is a plant that is sold without soil, with the roots exposed. It can be a rosebush, a tree (fruit or ornamental), and I have even come to see palm trees that were marketed in this way.

How do they prepare them? Very simple: usually on the same day that they are going to be sold (or that they intend to sell them), they are removed from the pot, the substrate is removed and then, in some cases, they are placed in buckets with a little water so that they do not dehydrate. .

Is it a good idea to buy such a plant?

If you ask me directly, I’ll say no. As he commented at the beginning, you can save money but… what if he dies? There is a good chance that this will happen, especially if you buy palm trees since this type of plant suffers a lot if it does not have its roots inside the earth (either from a pot, a bag or a sack).

The only ones that can be saved are fruit trees (apricot, peach, nectarine, Paraguayan , cherry , plum, apple , pear , quince , hazel , pomegranate , fig , persimmon , medlar , walnut and olive ) and rose bushes .

When can they be purchased?

The best time is towards the end of winter , when they are still without leaves but whose buds begin to swell. As soon as you get home, put them in a bucket with water and plant them in the location you have chosen.bare root tree

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