What is an orchid garden

If you are a true lover of orchids, this interests you. And a lot. Because, Have you heard of an orchid garden? Do you know what he means? It is very likely that you know, by name, what an orchid garden is, but do you know the location of the most beautiful ones?

Next we are going to talk to you about this topic, but above all we are going to reveal to you where the different centers are located that any lover of orchids will want to visit.

What is an orchid

orchid garden

First of all we are going to define what an orchid garden is. Also called orchidarium or orchidarium, is a center or botanical garden that is specialized in the cultivation, preservation and exhibition of orchids. In other words, it is a place where the only species you will see, and which will be the protagonist, will be the orchid and its different species and variations.

Because these plants need a type of temperature, humidity, etc. all environmental conditions focus on a single plant, hence it cannot be combined with other types (except those that have similar care, of course).

Most of them are built as greenhouses and that is why they are usually called orchid houses, because they are focused only on these plants.

Keep in mind that we are not going to meet all the species there have been and will have, because we are talking about between 25000 and 30000 species and twice as many varieties. However, we can find several dozen of them in these places and that is why they become a place that anyone who likes orchids will want to see.

Also, in case you don’t know, orchids are threatened and endangered in their natural habitat, hence it is even more important to try to preserve them so that the species does not die.

The orchids of the world

The orchids of the world

Orchids are tropical plants, and The vast majority of orchid gardens in the world are centered above all in the area of ​​Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico… Although this does not mean that there are not other countries where you can also see them (such as Spain).

Currently, those that exist are:

orchids botanical garden

We moved to Ecuador to enjoy this orchid garden that was founded in 1980 and that has a private collection of Omar Tello.

It is made up of 7 hectares and the most striking thing is that they are protected by a cloud forest, which allows maintaining the climatic conditions that plants need.

Available 300 different species.

Atocha-La Liria Botanical Garden

Don’t let the name Atocha fool you, we are not in Madrid but we are still in Ecuador, specifically in the province of Tungurahua, Ambato.

In this case, it is not 7 hectares, but 14 that make it up. It was founded in 1849 and houses not only orchids, but many other species. Therefore, it is one of the museums that focuses the least on these plants, but it does give you a vision of the country’s vegetation.

orchid museum

The orchid museum is located in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico. It is one of the largest, because it has more than five thousand copies and you can not only take a guided tour, they also hold workshops to learn orchid cultivation or, if you have more time, enjoy an orchitherapy beauty treatment.

orchids in the world

Morelia Orchid Garden

Without leaving Mexico, in Morelia, since 1980, there is an orchid garden that never closes. Has two different parts; on the one hand one for cultivation and on the other for exposure.

Those who live there know it quite well and visit it often, but many tourists who arrive are surprised because the exhibitions are not fixed but change throughout the year and always attract attention.

Orchid of Mexico

Specifically, we are talking about the orchid garden that you can find in the bicentennial park. It was created in 2010 in what was previously a refinery.

yes, the whole park it has 55 hectares and is divided into five different gardens focused on wind, water, sun, earth and nature. It is in one of these parts that what interests us is located.

Missouri Botanical Garden

We are now going to the United States where you can find one of the rarest collections and also that they are in danger of extinction on the orchids. It is not a garden focused solely on these plants, but it has 30 hectares with different varieties. But there is an orchid part.

Liberec Botanical Garden

Located in the Czech Republic, this garden was one of the best known a few years ago when it was reported in the news that an orchid had bloomed. And it had taken 15 years to do it.

Here you will be able to find everything, but they also have a special section as orchid.

tamand orchid

In Malaysia there is a botanical garden, Perdana, which is in Kuala Lumpur. It was built in 1880 and was a public park but as a botanical garden, rehabilitated in 2011, they added an orchid garden, or orchid garden.

In it you will be able to find more than 800 different species.

Field Orchid Garden

In Cuba, we are talking about a collection that began as a private collection in 1943 by Tomás Felipe Camacho, its founder. Now you have more than twenty thousand specimens, both known species and hybrids.

Stepona Orchid Garden

As we know that there are people who cannot afford a trip to another country, what if we stay in Spain? Specifically, we are going to Estepona, Malaga, to enjoy the Orchidarium Estepona, a building divided into two levels where you can enjoy a 1000-square-meter bamboo forest, with attractions such as a lake, waterfall, glass domes, etc.

And, on the other hand, the orchids, with more than 1300 species and more than 120 species in bloom every day.

It is said to be the largest in Europe, and is home to some of the rarest species that exist, but due to its size and its habitat, it allows it to survive.

As you can see, there are a few orchid gardens or orchid gardens in the world, many of them forming part of larger botanical gardens. Do you know any more that we have not named? Comment it and this way you will help others to discover it.

What is an orchid garden

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