In other articles we have talked about the subscriber importancehow to make our own compost or compost, and the difference between organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. Just as we must fertilize the plants that we have planted in our garden, it is important that we also fertilize the plants that we have inside our house, so that they also develop and are properly nourished.

Many people wonder if it is really worth paying them, especially because these plants are protected from most inclement weather, as well as diseases and pests. But it is important that you bear in mind that compost is a good resource that will provide oxygen to the roots of the plants and will generate a much more spongy soil that will maintain humidity thereof.

It is for this reason that today we bring some advice regarding the fertilizer of indoor plants. But then how much compost should we provide them? It is vital that you bear in mind that the fertilization of indoor plants must be very frequent during the flowering months or those times when the plant is developing. However, while the plant is resting it will be better to apply only fertilizer every two months.

Similarly, it is important that you know chow to fertilize your plants, which can be done in two ways, one is through the earth and the other is through the leaves. It is preferable that you choose slow release fertilizers for the soil, while the foliar fertilizer should be made with a liquid fertilizer diluted with water every two weeks, to provide them with an extra dose of nitrogen that improves their appearance.