When to prune a cherry tree

The cherry tree It is a deciduous fruit tree highly appreciated for its delicious fruits, but also for its high ornamental value, as it’s beautiful all year: in spring we can contemplate its beautiful white flowers and its lanceolate green leaves with the serrated edge, in summer and autumn we savor its fruits, cherries, and in winter its trunk continues to decorate the garden as few fruit trees can.

However, in order to obtain an excellent harvest we must take care of it, and one of the most important tasks that we have to carry out is the trimming of branches. Here we explain when to prune a cherry tree.

Cherry blossom buds

Before we know when to prune, let’s get to know it a little more. The cherry tree, whose scientific name is Prunus aviumis a fruit tree native to Europe and Asia. The trunk, which can be up to 20 meters high, has a very beautiful bark with grayish or reddish tones. The youngest branches have a reddish hue, turning the tree into an exceptional plant element.

Blooms in spring, but you can also do it towards the beginning of summer. The fruit, as you know, is the cherry, which is a reddish drupe in which we find a single seed.

When could

The ideal time to prune the cherry tree is towards the end of winterwhen the risk of frost has passed. As the climate is changing a lot, we cannot tell you an exact month since due to the increase in temperatures that the planet is experiencing, it is difficult to know when is the ideal time. Normally, in the Northern Hemisphere it is pruned at the beginning of March, but it depends a lot on the location and the temperatures that are being registered in your area.

Still, you can take the pruning tools when you see that the flower buds are about to sprout.

Cherry blossoms

Cherry trees are very easy to grow. Resistant, decorative, with edible fruits … what more could you ask for?

When to prune a cherry tree

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