They create the hottest chili in the world

Do you like the spicy taste? As much as you like it, I do not recommend at all to try the Dragon’s Breatha new variety created by Mike Smith, a fruit grower and gardener from Denbigshire (Wales) in collaboration with scientists from the University of Nottingham Trent.

By measuring the intensity of the heat produced by this plant, they found that it far surpassed the almost all-powerful Carolina Reaper chili pepper. While the latter registered 2,20 million units on the Scoville scale, our protagonist registered 2,48 millionwhich means that a single drop of oil from this chili can be detected in 2,48 million water. Basically, it would be like breathing fire.

Scientists believe that if you tried to eat this chili, you would immediately have trouble breathing as the airways would close, you would go into anaphylactic shock and eventually lose your life. In fact, Smith himself tasted it with the tip of his tongue and felt it burn. »I spat in about 10 seconds. The intensity of heat only grows, “he told The Telegraph.

Still, Dragon’s Breath could be used for the benefit of people, and more specifically, those who have allergies to painkillers or live in developing countries, where access and funding for these drugs is limited. And is that capsaicin oil is so powerful that it numbs the skinwhich is certainly very interesting.

Chili plant in bloom

While chili peppers have significant medical value to the point that they can help you live longer, Dragon’s Breath cannot be consumed, at least directly. When painkillers are developed with its oil and it is well known what effects it has on the body, then it can be used. While we wait for that day to come it is more than likely that the Guinness Book of Records will give Smith a joy and include his variety in its list.

They create the hottest chili in the world

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