6 flowers that take time to fade

It is a roll when they give you some beautiful flowers and although you take care of them they wither soon, and in part it is normal they have been torn from their natural place and even if they drink water through the cut stem they will only have time to die slowly. But there are […]

How to care for your jasmine plant in your garden

Jasmine has an unmistakable aroma that often enchants everyone who perceives it. It has a pleasant smell that quickly connects us with nature. If you also like jasmine and want to have it in your home, then don’t hesitate to keep reading. No matter what time of year you are, if you like jasmine you should learn […]

Tips for decorating gardens with swimming pools

Undoubtedly, having a garden with a pool is today a luxury for hot seasons. Being able to go out to the garden and enjoy a dip at any time of the day or night is a pleasure. Thanks to the combination of a garden with a pool, it is double enjoyment, rest, and entertainment, since you have […]

Palm tree care

Palm trees are one of the types of plants that have been most successful in recent years, especially for indoors, although where they look most beautiful is undoubtedly in a garden, since this way they can grow and reach their maximum splendor in their natural habitat. Receiving the proper care they can develop optimally both […]

The advantages of having a garden at home

Having a garden at home to cultivate is synonymous with health, and there is nothing healthier than having your own food, to eat the healthiest. Having a garden at home is an incentive to eat more vegetables in the daily diet and for the whole family to know how important it is to eat this type of diet […]

Ideas to decorate interior patios

An interior patio can have two sides: to be full of life and to be able to enjoy it as one more room in the house or quite the opposite, that it is a space without life and without being used at all. Which do you prefer? A patio of a house must be well cared for […]

Why the lemon tree should go along with the lavender

There are many gardeners who decide to have a beautiful lemon tree in their garden. Lemon trees, in addition to being beautiful trees , provide us with lemons … an exquisite fruit that cannot be absent from our daily diet thanks to the fact that it is very beneficial for the body. But, growing a lemon tree is […]

Decorate the garden with wooden pallets

When the good weather arrives, ideas begin to sprout in people’s creativity , I don’t know if it will be the hours of sunshine or that we simply have more time than in winter. Be that as it may, when the weather invites you to spend more time outdoors, you have to get going to recover the free […]

Lemon balm care

Melissa is one of the plants that are best used for cooking since its leaves add a light touch of lemon to any dish, so it is ideal to use in soups, meats, stews, desserts, fish and even salads. In addition, it has essential oils, so they help you relax and relieve stress, especially if you make infusions […]

Trees that attract birds to your garden

If you have a garden in your home, I am sure that you will love being in contact with nature and going out to have a good time while you disconnect from day to day and the stress that daily chores cause you. If so, I also bet you will like to close your eyes and […]

What can be planted in autumn

In fall, you can plant just about everything from bulbous and biennials to roses and deciduous trees. Being such an appropriate season for planting, it is very interesting to take advantage of this time for the establishment of new species, since they will acclimatize easily and can have a rest time during the cold winter. We will […]

Plants for large pots

Normally we choose the pots depending on the plant we want to have in our home or in our garden, but on many other occasions the choice is completely the other way around, because if we like a large pot we will look for a plant that we can plant in it . So we can enjoy our […]

Potted climbing plants

Although the most common is to see them climbing the walls and exterior walls of houses, the truth is that climbing plants can also be grown in pots, so we can also enjoy these specimens on our terraces and balconies. Thanks to this cultivation, it will be very easy to have your own green corner […]

Vine diseases

When growing any plant, tree or shrub, you also have to pay close attention to the diseases that may appear since the crop could be lost . Today we would like to focus on creepers, which are one of the best options to decorate any environment and make it become a very decorative point. Keep reading this article […]

Growing and caring for the yellow lily

The yellow lily belongs to the Iridáceas family and to the Iris genus , which is composed of more than 300 species of rhizomatous and bulbous plants that have their origin in the more temperate zones of Europe, Africa, America and Asia. It is also known by other names such as water lily, yellow acoro, bulrush lily, bulrush or fine bulrush. It […]

Plants and Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese art that is responsible for directing energy so that it flows correctly thanks to placing things in certain ways, such as furniture or plants. Very important in decoration, you can also apply it to plants to take advantage of all its characteristics much more and that energy also moves better. Keep reading this […]

Advantages and disadvantages of clay pots

Choosing the type of pot is one of the biggest dilemmas for gardening enthusiasts. Not only the size is important, but the type of material with which it is made. The most common in homes are usually plastic and clay and, of course, each of them has its defenders and detractors. If your choice is not clear […]

The plant that will help you scare off garden cats

If you want the cats that haunt your garden to stop doing it, today we bring you a great solution. You just have to use a plant! Have you seen how simple? It may seem insensitive to you that the fact of throwing cats out of the garden, but you have to bear in mind that there are many […]

Plants to cover fences and walls

Getting a movie garden is a matter of putting a little imagination, determination and a lot of love in the daily care. In this sense, one of the most important questions is to choose well the specimens that will decorate our outdoor space: in addition to some plants, flowers, trees, or shrubs, one of the […]

Tips for planting vines

There are many species of vines that you can place in different parts of your garden and that will not only give a touch of life to it but will also serve to decorate some of the areas where you plant them, such as a pergola or an arch. Tips for planting vines Pay attention […]

How to clean the fences left by the pots

Plants give a lot of life to any environment, both indoors and outdoors. There are so many species and varieties that you will always find the most suitable for a specific place, being able to fit perfectly into any decorative style thanks to the multiple colors, textures, sizes, and shapes that they can have. In addition, many […]

Prickly pear care

To decorate the home there are plenty of plants from inside that give a certain aspect depending on the species you choose, and that’s something also very important to consider as they form an active part in the decoration. Among the many you can choose from is the prickly pear, a very versatile plant that not only decorates but also bears fruit […]

Growing chamomile in a pot

The manzanilla is a highly recommended herb for medicinal purposes. It is characterized by having properties: disinfectants, digestive and sedatives . We teach you how to successfully grow your own chamomile plant in a pot. Step to follow Begin cultivation by planting seeds in midsummer. Sprinkle a few over potting soil and cover with a thin layer of vermiculite (a mineral made of silicates). After two weeks, […]

Indoor plants without flower

There are people who think that they cannot have plants in their home because they do not have a terrace, garden or perhaps a balcony, but there are many indoor plants that can be perfectly adapted to your life and your decoration. Not only are there flowering houseplants, but you can also think of some non-flowering […]

White vinegar as an herbicide

Having a garden is a wonderful way to connect with the world and with nature. If you have children, you can teach them about plants, nutrition, and the natural world. You need to learn to control weeds so that the health of your plants is not harmed. But do you use herbicides? All gardeners should learn to control weeds but […]

How to grow catnip

A few days ago we talked to you about the cataria nepeta, also known as catnip, cat mint or cat basil , a plant famous for the effect it has on cats. Well, today we are going to tell you how to grow this species in your garden. The nepeta cataria is a perennial plant with a greyish, […]

Tips for transplanting palm trees according to their size

Palm trees are an excellent decorative option both for your garden and for the interior of the home, and there are many species for you to choose the one that best suits your needs, not only for beauty but also for the environmental characteristics or size of the copies. Their care is very important and we have already […]

Indoor plants that grow easily in your home

It is possible that you like plants but you do not know what to do with them so that they grow and most of them die. When this happens, you usually opt for artificial plants that you know will always be beautiful and the only thing you have to do to maintain them is dust them. But […]

How to make cuttings

On some occasion you have heard about the reproduction of plants by cuttings, that asexual reproduction technique of plants that consists of separating part of a stem, root or leaf from the mother plant to create a new specimen. This technique is one of the best to get your plants and is that the reproduction […]

Take back the neglected garden

The garden is neglected with the passage of time, but it is time to refine it, for it to come back to life, give it a different air by renewing it so that it regains its lost forms. You do not need big things, it is only a matter of small nuances, think that an abandoned garden can […]

Things you can do in your garden in October

When October arrives it is no longer hot in summer but it is not cold in winter either. In this sense, it is a pleasant season and you can still take advantage of the garden to continue enjoying gardening. Gardening in October is dependent on weather conditions that can be somewhat more unstable than in previous months. There are many […]

Vine maintenance

Although its scientific name is Vitis Viniera , there is no one who does not know this popular fruit tree such as vine or grapevine. There is no garden with more charm than one in which a beautiful vine, with its fruits, serves to provide shelter and shade for a table with wrought-iron chairs to protect itself from the overwhelming […]

Tips for transplanting vines

Vines are a great option if you want to cover a wall with plants or decorate a pergola, fence or similar. On other occasions we have already told you about their cultivation and maintenance, so today I would like to focus on what you must do to be able to transplant them efficiently. Assuming that you already know […]

Characteristics of the different irrigation systems

Having a garden or orchard can bring us many satisfactions but, of course, it also requires that we dedicate the best care to plants, trees and shrubs. One of the best things you can do to facilitate and improve the maintenance and care of your plants is to install a suitable irrigation system, since it will save you […]

Mirror plant care

The so-called mirror plant belongs to the Rubiaceae family and the Coprosma genus , made up of almost 200 species of small trees and shrubs that originate in New Zealand. With the right conditions it can be grown anywhere in the world, and it is a shrub also known as coprosma or brilliantly, its most common species being coprosma ciliata, coprosma acerosa […]

Top 3 succulent plants for your home

The other day I told you about some succulents that maybe you did not know but today I want to talk about some succulents that would be ideal to have in your home, I want you to know a list of my favorite top of succulents, so maybe… you will cheer up to have one, because they […]

Grow succulent plants

Surely you have seen these curious plants a lot of times in your life and you have wondered how they would look on the shelf in your house… Well, now is the time to do it! The succulents are ideal species to grow and that is the most decorative and easy to maintain… Want to know more about them? […]

The best soil for plant growth

If you are thinking of planting in your garden or creating your own garden for plants, it is more than likely that you want to know what soil is best for plant growth. The type of soil and the quality varies depending on where you are living and even the soil in your garden does not have to […]

Capulin shrub (ardisia crenata) care

The capulín plant is one of the 400 species of trees and shrubs that belong to the Ardisia genus, in turn belonging to the Mirsinaceae family. Some of its best known species with the ardisia crispa, ardisia crenata, ardisia mangillo, ardisia martinensis or ardisia revoluta. They originate from Southeast Asia, but with the right environmental conditions, they can be grown anywhere in the […]

Shrubs for living fences

Protecting privacy and promoting home security is essential when you have one of those houses with a garden in which you must delimit your territory with respect to the rest of the common space. For this you have several options such as placing walls and fences, although none like fences to provide a more charming and natural appearance […]

Tips for keeping your pond water clean

Having a pond in the garden is a great decorative option since it gives a lot of life to the whole space, but you have to be very careful with its maintenance so that it can always look beautiful and, above all, be healthy. The water in the ponds is one of the most important aspects of […]

Flowers that last longer in vases

There are many people who do not have the possibility of having gardens or terraces in their homes but who like flowers. If you like gardening but you don’t have a terrace, or balcony, or patio … surely you will take advantage of the windows or some areas of your house to be able to enjoy […]

How to care for a Christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus, also commonly called Christmas cactus, Santa Teresa feathers, Santa Teresita feathers, winter cactus, Easter cactus or Christmas nopal , as well as scientifically Schlumbergera , is a very popular plant in the winter months, since it begins to bloom at that time of the year and as it is the Christmas season when the Christmas cactus […]

Privacy trees, hedges, and plants in the garden

When you have an isolated house without a house around it, it is because without a doubt you like privacy and being able to live in your privacy without being disturbed by anyone. Likewise, if you live in a semi-detached house, even if you have neighbors on either side, you can also find your privacy and […]

Saltwater for plants

Water is one of the most fundamental elements in the life of plants since poor watering can cause the deterioration or death of the plant, either by having watered too much or by having done too little. That said, it has always been said that rainwater is the best for development to be more complete, but there are […]

Appletree cultivation and care

One of the most cultivated fruit trees in the world is the apple tree, and it is not only very beautiful but its fruit is exceptional and very rich both to eat alone and to accompany many dishes and desserts. It can reach 10 meters in height and has been cultivated since ancient times since its fruit was highly […]

Original ideas to fence the garden

Fencing your garden is an excellent way to have privacy outside your home and thus avoid prying eyes in your home. There are many houses that when purchased are not properly fenced and can cause some other privacy problems. For this reason it is so important to know how to do it correctly, and what better way than with original […]

15 autumn plants for the garden

The autumn months are perfect to enjoy your garden and contemplate in it beautiful plants that brighten your day. During the autumn season there are a series of plants that should not be missing in your garden, since their flowering means that, despite the low temperatures, you can contemplate a beautiful visual spectacle. We will show […]

African lily care

Known as the African lily, it is a plant that belongs to the Iridaceae family and the Dietes genus, consisting of only six species of rhizomatous perennial plants. They originate in South Africa, and with the right conditions they can be grown anywhere on the planet . It is also known as rain iris, and its most popular species […]

The color of the soil and its pH

There are other factors that influence the quality of the soil and that are no less important to know what species to plant and how to treat the land we have. This is the case of the color of the soil and its pH, two elements that are also important to take into account and value in order to […]

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