Hydroponics, an effective method

Today we feel like inexperienced gardeners, those who are taking their first steps in the adventure of caring for plants and gardens. That is why we dedicate ourselves to spying on hydroponic agriculture , also known as plain hydroponics .

The method

Hydroponics is an increasingly used technique in the world through which plants are grown in an aqueous mineral solution . This does not mean that there is no firm base for the plants, but instead of the natural soil, what is used is a specific substrate that allows the aqueous solution to be available to the plants when they need it.

Every plant needs a support to grow and develop and the substrate is the solid material that serves as a base for the plant. This substrate can be vermiculite, agrolite, coconut fiber or peat-moss and the mineral solution is then poured into it.

The solution

The aqueous solution can be purchased at a specialized store or prepared at home from a series of products such as fertilizers, amino acids, mineral salts, soil correctors or nutrients .


At the time of sowing, the plant will receive its share of water because the seeds come with a certain amount of nutrients, but once it has sprouted and shows its first leaves, then it is time to place the mineral solution so that the plant absorbs it. as you need it.

Advantages of hydroponics

If there is a reason why more and more people are adopting hydroponic agriculture, it is because it allows them to grow in limited places and throughout the year , without being subject to climatic changes. On the other hand, it is an ideal technique to carry out in infertile places .

On the other hand, hydroponic gardens require little care and are highly recommended in the case of orchards as they allow crops to be produced out of season for each species.

There is also significant water savings and cost reduction , greater automation of the system and acceleration of crops.

Hydroponics, an effective method

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