Citrus Trees Growing in Pots

Trees need a large space to develop, however some species can grow without problems in more limited places.

Pots are ideal homes for citrus trees , which do not suffer from lack of space if they are kept in good condition.

pots and varieties

If you want to have citrus trees in pots , you should choose large pots because only then will the specimen feel comfortable, with the advantage that you can move it from one place to protect it from adverse weather conditions.

Some fruit trees are ideal for growing in containers, especially when it comes to certain varieties of citrus trees. You can plant potted Satsuma orange trees or Meyer lemon trees , a particular tree variety that is very much in fashion. Another option is to grow Kumquat lemon trees in pots , which have a great lemon flavor and look more orange indoors.

The calamondin , a cross between the mandarin orange and the kumquat, is another tree to plant in pots, reaching a maximum height of 120 centimeters.

Citrus trees in pots


These fruit trees not only grow without problems but also produce a large number of fruits. This makes the control of its branches an essential task for the gardener in charge, since the weight of the fruits can threaten the proper development of the tree and its citrus fruits.

It will be necessary to carry out regular pruning in order to prevent the branches from weighing too much and the morphology of the tree from being altered. This will also help to have too many fruits.

The advantages of having these citrus trees in a pot is that you can change their location so that they always receive sunlight, since they are specimens that need direct exposure to grow in good conditions.

Orange tree
Citrus Trees Growing in Pots

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