Ecological urns and cemeteries, trees instead of tombstones

Many people plant a tree when a loved one dies. In some way, it is a way to continue life and for something of the person to remain alive and giving beauty.

This custom has a long history, to the point that today there are some biodegradable urns that allow a tree to grow from the remains.

a green idea

The idea is that the matter is transformed and thus the mortal remains of the urn coexist with a pine seed that begins to develop and thus the tree is formed . The name of this urn is Bios and the starting point is the natural cycle and the possibility of death transforming into new life.

On the other hand, these urns are much cheaper than the costs of a traditional funeral and do not pollute the environment. On the contrary, a green burial is carried out in which embalming liquids that pollute the planet are not used.

Biodegradable and ecological urns

There are several urns of this style and one of them even deals with the second step: the transplant of the tree once it has grown in the urn. When it is large enough to be outside, the transplant is done with a biodegradable pot that disappears on its own so that no trace of its passage through the garden remains.

A new way to remember

The funeral industry is changing and proof of this are the examples mentioned, but there are also ecological cemeteries , where biodegradable urns rest instead of traditional stone tombstones. In this way, the trees that grow when the remains feed the seeds inside the urns become the best memory of loved ones.

Ecological cemeteries come from the oriental culture because in countries like China or Japan most of the deceased people are cremated. On the other hand, they seek to preserve the environment through the planting and conservation of trees, plants and flowers in order to perpetuate life.

Biodegradable and ecological urns
Ecological urns and cemeteries, trees instead of tombstones

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