Types of fruit tree pruning

Fruit trees have their secrets and that is how you have to know their needs so that they can grow and give us their tasty fruits. Pruning fruit trees requires dedication and knowledge because, depending on the variety, it will be necessary to perform one type of pruning or another.

There are four types of pruning of fruit trees and the first of them is Training Pruning , whose name is related to the phase in which this pruning is carried out.

It takes place during the first stage of the tree, that is, the first 3 or 4 years from planting to the start of production. This pruning is intended to achieve the proper shape of the tree and ends when the tree is fully developed.

Then there are three other types of pruning that, despite their differences, are carried out twice a year. One of them is the Cleaning Pruning , which serves to “clean” the tree and thus remove everything that can prevent its proper development such as dry branches, dry stumps, branches that complicate the crown or suckers.

The third type is the Fruiting Pruning , which is related to the fruits since it is a pruning that must be carried out in order to renew the parts of the tree that have borne the fruits for the next harvest.

Finally, there is the Rejuvenation and Regeneration Pruning , which is carried out when it comes to a tired tree, which has reached its highest point of development and whose production begins to decrease. Instead of removing the tree, this drastic pruning is carried out in order to make it regrow. Carrying out this pruning or not depends on the type of fruit tree, as there are some varieties in which it cannot be carried out, such as cherry or plum.

Types of fruit tree pruning

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