When is the time to plant

Are you thinking of having a beautiful garden? If so, surely you will be eager to plant your plants, right? It is a joy to go to a nursery and take home some of those that from then on will be part of the home, but the truth is that if we put them on the ground before time, unpleasant surprises could arise.

To prevent this from happening, we need to know what is the time to plant , be it trees, palm trees, flowers or any other type of plant being.

It may surprise you, but spring is not the ideal time to plant just any type of plant . It will depend on the type it is, its flowering and/or harvesting time, as well as its origin. Thus, while for example the tulip bulb has to be planted in autumn/winter, the Ficus is recommended to be planted in spring or even in summer.

To give you an idea of ​​when they can be planted in the ground, here is a list of common plants with their ideal season to plant :

  • Deciduous Trees and Shrubs – Maples , Beeches , Prunus , and others are planted in fall or early spring.
  • Evergreen Trees and Shrubs – Early spring; except if they are tropical ( Ficus , Pachira , Delonix , etc.) which will be done in spring or summer.
  • Spring bulbous : like tulips , hyacinths or daffodils are planted in the fall.
  • Summer bulbous : like the Caña de Indias , the Amaryllis or the begonias , they are planted in late winter/early spring.
  • Horticultural : in general, in spring, but there are some such as garlic or onions that are planted in winter.
  • Flowering Plants – Like geraniums , pansies , or marigolds , they are planted in spring.
  • Palm trees : in spring (March/April in the northern hemisphere).
pink hyacinth flower

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When is the time to plant

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