When and how to plant daffodils?

Daffodils are bulbous plants that, whether planted in the garden or in a pot, are very interesting to beautify the room. Although their size is rather small, that means that they can be grown together with other specimens. That way, having a nice flower arrangement won’t be difficult with them.

But of course, for this you have to know when and how to plant daffodils, both from bulbs and from seeds. So if you are curious, Let’s see what are the steps to take to have a few healthy daffodils.

When to plant daffodils?

Daffodils are planted in summer or fall

The daffodils They are bulbous whose height does not usually exceed 30 centimeters that bloom in spring. After the flowers, in some cases and as long as they have been pollinated correctly, the seeds will mature, at the same time that other smaller bulbs will sprout from the bulb (or bulbs, if you prefer to call them that).

But you will also see that its leaves will dry out and die, although you should be calm, because that is not the end of the plant at all. In fact, you will have the seeds, the bulbs … and next spring you will recover the narcissus that you thought was lost. Because, You should not add the »parent bulb» to the compost heap, since leaves and flowers will sprout again from it.

With all this in mind, When are they planted? Well, then we tell you:

  • Seeds: the ideal is that they are sown in summer, that is, as soon as they are harvested. Their viability is very short, so the sooner they are planted, the better.
  • Bulbs: they are planted in autumn / winter.

How to plant daffodils?

Since daffodils multiply by seeds and by bulbs, the way in which they are planted will vary depending on what you want to plant. So that:

Daffodils have flowers that bloom in spring


If you want to have new daffodils from seeds, the step by step to follow is the following:

  1. The first thing is to choose a good seedbed. It can be a plastic or clay pot, plastic containers, peat tablets, … Regardless of what you are going to use, you must make sure that it has, or that it can be made, some holes in the base. which will serve as a drain.
  2. Now, it’s time to decide which substrate to use. As daffodils fear waterlogging, mixing equal parts of peat and mulch with other substrates such as pomx is recommended (for sale here!) or perlite (for sale here!).
  3. The next step is to fill the seedbed with the chosen substrate completely; What’s more, when you think you’re done, put your hand (or fist) on the surface of the substrate and apply downward pressure. In this way, you may see that you have to add more.
  4. Then water. Pour water until all the substrate is soaked, something that you will know if it absorbs the water well.
  5. Finally, spread the seeds on the surface so that they are separated from each other. It is highly advisable to put a few in the same seedbed, because if many germinate in the same place, they would have problems reaching adulthood.
    Don’t forget to bury them a little bit (no more than one centimeter).

Now you can place the seedbed in semi-shade or in full sun, and keep watered. Thus, if all goes well, they will germinate in one or two months.


Daffodils, like all bulbous plants, multiply very well and quickly by separating the small bulbs from the ‘large’ ones. This is done after the death of the aerial part of the plant, that is, when the leaves and flowers have completely dried, following these steps:

  1. Whether the plant is in a pot or planter or in the ground, it is highly advisable to carefully remove it from the ground. If it is in a container, it is simple since you only have to look for the bulb or bulbs by removing the earth; And you can even empty the container onto a smooth, clean surface.
    On the contrary, if it is in the ground, you will have to dig trenches about 10 centimeters deep around the plants in order to find the bulb.
  2. Once you have located and extracted it, you can see if it has bulbs. If you have them, spread them apart with your hands.
  3. Later, you will have to plant them in other pots or in other places in the garden, burying them very little. In fact, if they are a centimeter high, they should not be buried more than two centimeters.
  4. Finally, you have to give them a conscientious watering in order to prevent them from becoming dehydrated and being able to root as soon as possible.

Since then, you should go watering from time to time. In this way, leaves will sprout and later the flowers of the daffodil in spring.

Daffodils are bulbous

As you can see, there are two different ways to get daffodils. Choosing the right time to multiply it, keeping this in mind, is essential for these precious plants to grow and, therefore, also flourish.

When and how to plant daffodils?

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