Begonia cleopatra: An ideal plant to decorate any patio

Identify the Cleopatra begonia or as it is also known, Hybrid begonia, it is relatively easy. Just seeing the size of its leaves and the color it has is enough to know that it is this species. However, not everyone has the level of knowledge necessary to know whether or not it is a begonia. […]

Characteristics, curiosities and care of the white chrysanthemum

Many people spend hours searching the internet for a plant that can change the environment in their garden. The most common is that they look for plants with colorful and showy leaves. But there are also those who try to find a species whose flower is so beautiful, that any garden will envy having it. […]

Fractals in plant nature | Gardening On

Have you ever noticed the growth patterns that plants have? If we look at them more closely, we will realize that they are repeating themselves. Thus, two branches of a tree will grow to form a ‘V’, and the twigs that sprout from them will follow suit. This is known as fractal. And they create […]

The plague of thrips | Gardening On

Thrips are small 1-2 millimeter insects, like miniature earwigs. They cause damage to a multitude of garden plants, fruit trees and our vegetables. Although the damage is not serious, it is important to eliminate them, as they are also transmitters of viruses. Larvae and adults stick their beaks on the underside of the leaves and […]

When and how to plant daffodils?

Daffodils are bulbous plants that, whether planted in the garden or in a pot, are very interesting to beautify the room. Although their size is rather small, that means that they can be grown together with other specimens. That way, having a nice flower arrangement won’t be difficult with them. But of course, for this […]

How to preserve tulip bulbs?

After flowering, the leaves of the tulips dry, at the same time as their flowers, the only thing that remains – and that only if there has been luck – is a capsule with seeds. And it is that, if spring is the time of splendor of these plants, summer is that of vegetative rest. […]

Narcissus bulbocodium: A colorful plant for your gardens

The narcissus bulbocodium It is another of the species whose flower is especially beautiful and which also has a penetrating aroma. Having this plant in a garden means becoming the center of attention. It is thanks to the bell-shaped flower of the narcissus bulbocodium that becomes so appealing to anyone. So, today you will learn […]

When to plant rose bushes in the garden?

Do you dream of having a corner exclusively made of roses? Find out when to plant rose bushes in your garden or in pots, and how to do it so they can root as soon as possible. It is not complicated at all; in fact, you only need gloves, and a shower with water. You […]

Genus Erodium: characteristics and main species

Today we are going to talk about a genus of plants that has species with a large number of infraspecific variants. Many of these plants are common due to their nitrophilic character. It’s about the genre Erode. It is a genus that belongs to the Geraniaceae family and includes 359 described species, although only 128 […]

Cynara cardunculus: characteristics, habitat and uses

Today we are going to talk about a type of plant that, despite its appearance, is edible. Its about Cynara cardunculus. It is a plant that was already known to Greeks and Romans and aphrodisiac powers were granted. It receives the name of Cynara since it was the name of the girl seduced by Zeus […]

7 types of Alcea and their care

The species of the genus Moose They are herbaceous plants that you have probably been able to see on some occasion in a field or similar. They are very adaptable, in fact they do not need much to grow, and neither to flourish; However, when they want to grow they can give the feeling that […]

Commelina commons: characteristics, distribution and care

Today we are going to talk about a type of wild plant that grows on Mount Takao and that belongs to the temperate-quality and cold-temperate zone. This is the plant known as Commelina common. By common name it is known as canutillo from Cuba and asango from Japan. There are many varieties of this group […]

Tips for growing roses in pots

For some, a garden without roses is not a true garden and although this statement may be somewhat extreme, no one could deny the beauty of rose bushes and the magic of their flowers that bloom at the right time to give us that prominence that we so much hope for. Ideally grow roses on […]

Tricks for geraniums to bloom

Geraniums are very beloved plants. On a balcony or patio they are perfect. Although it is true that they need protection against frost, if necessary they can be kept at home during the winter without problems. As soon as the temperatures improve, they are taken outside and then you just have to wait for them […]

Platycodon Care | Gardening On

The platycodonalso known as Chinese Campanilla, is a plant of the Campanulaceae family ideal to have in pots, embellishing the patio, terrace or balcony. It can also be planted in the garden, along with other flowers to create spectacular colored rugs. It is one of the plants that has the longest flowering season: from late […]

How to remove aphids from roses?

Aphids are parasites that, although small, can cause many problems for rose bushes. These beautiful plants start to bloom in spring and stop in fall, but when invaded, the flower buds cannot open and eventually wilt prematurely. ¿How to remove aphids from roses? With effective products, of course. Here we tell you the most effective […]

Wild Saffron Characteristics | Gardening On

Image – Wikimedia / Enrico Blasutto The wild saffron It is a flower known to many, since it is grown in much of the world in gardens and pots, to beautify patios, gardens and of course balconies. It is native to the European continent, where it lives in high altitude areas. The beauty of its […]

Nardos: characteristics, care and planting

When autumn arrives, the perfect time comes to remove the bulbs and / or rhizomes that are planted in this season and that will bloom during the spring, and why not? Acquire some new ones to expand the collection of beautiful and colorful flowers. Some of the most interesting are the tuberose, which have petals […]

12 types of lilac flowering plants

Lilac is a very striking and meaningful color, so much so that more and more people are attracted to flowers of this color. In recent years it is being associated with femininity, but once it was the favorite of the nobility; however, regardless of what it means, lilac plants are very interesting to have in […]

Lavender pruning: how and when to do it

Lavender is one of the most aromatic plants perfect to have in our home. It has some cares that are not too complicated, just maintenance. The lavender pruning It is done to be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the plant and its virtue. The virtue that stands out in this plant is its […]

10 Flowers similar to daisies

Daisies are beautiful flowers. Simple, very common, but with incredible beauty. In addition, many of us who are adults today used to take them, and we would innocently remove the petals one by one to know if our love or affection was reciprocated. But when it comes to designing a garden or embellishing a balcony, […]

+5 lasting flowers for cemetery

Humans have the emotional need to remember our loved ones who have passed away, especially on certain dates such as their birthdays, or on specific days such as All Saints’ Day. Regardless of our beliefs, losing someone we care about can leave a deep and painful impression on us, and many need to go to […]

Guide to the care of climbing roses in a pot

Climbing roses are great plants. They are characterized by having more or less large flowers, very showy, with very striking colors. However, it is often thought that they can only be grown in gardens, but the reality is that they support pruning very well and therefore they can also be kept in pots. Would you […]

Why do orchid flowers fall off?

We are not going to fool ourselves: the most beautiful thing about orchids are their flowers. For this reason, they are grown and marketed in many parts of the world, and for this reason there are many of us who have ever had a specimen, and / or who currently have one in the bathroom […]

9 types of Ranunculus and their main care

Ranunculus are herbaceous plants that generally produce very pretty flowers during the spring season. Its life cycle can be more or less long depending on the species in question, since there are some that are annual, that is, they live one year, others biennial (two years), and the most common that are perennial. For this […]

Helianthus: characteristics and types of sunflowers

Plants of the genus Helianthus They are one of those that most need sunlight to have a correct development. Its own name already indicates it to us because it comes from Heliuma Greek term that means Sun. Many species are cultivated in gardens, as well as to decorate balconies and terraces, but there are some […]

How is the multiplication of the lily?

Lilies are one of the most beautiful bulbous plants in spring and summer. They produce large, brightly colored and cheerful flowers that can be cut and kept in a vase for several days. They are so beloved that we want you to enjoy them year after year without having to buy again, that’s why we […]

When to Plant Daisies | Gardening On

Daisies are very common but at the same time very beautiful flowers that are wonderful in all types of gardens, but not everyone knows when to plant daisies. During spring and summer they become beautiful, when opening their petals. What’s more, its cultivation is very simpleso much so that you will only have to water […]

Henbane: characteristics, main species and properties

The henbane It is one of the plants that has been associated with magic and witchcraft since ancient times. The fact of considering this type of plants with magical properties caused their persecution by considering them allies of the devil himself. Today we know that humans have been able to take advantage of these toxins […]

How to prune daisies? | Gardening On

Daisies are plants that take care of themselves practically. Thanks to the sunlight, its flowers can open happily, awaiting the arrival of those insects that are willing to pollinate them. In addition, they do not need much care to stay as beautiful as they are; However, it is interesting to prune them, especially if they […]

Aquilegia alpina: characteristics, uses and care

Today we are going to talk about a plant whose flowers have an ornamental interest for decoration. It’s about the Alpine aquilegia. It is a plant that belongs to the Ranunculaceae family and is native to France and Italy. It usually grows in areas of Upper Provence, the Swiss Alps and the Apennines. They are […]

China rose: characteristics, care, uses and pruning

It is a flower that stands out in any garden, gaining attention due to its size and color.. This flower of generous dimensions is the China roseAlso known as Hibiscus, Cardinals, Pacific and even Flower of the kiss. It is not the first time that we talk about it, perhaps because many readers want to […]

Pulmonaria: what is it like and what are its basic care?

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Uoaei1 Plants with large flowers are the ones that usually attract us the most, but those that are smaller, such as Pulmonaria, can also help us to have a very nice corner, especially if we plant them in groups, either on the ground or in pots. In addition, Pulmonaria have […]

8 rare flowers with names and basic care

Spectacular lamprocapnos Flowering plants, that is, angiosperms, are those that have managed to conquer all corners of the world. And there are many who have had it quite easy, since in fact we have helped them well … who can resist the beauty of one, for example, Spectacular lamprocapnosmuch better known by the name of […]

Aphelandra: characteristics, care, fertilization and multiplication

Today we are going to talk about a tropical bush-type plant that is native to Brazil. It’s about the Aphelandra. It is known by the popular name of afelandra, a zebra and indigo plant. Its natural habitat is the humid understory of areas with a large number of plants and whose tree density is greater. […]

Dried flowers: characteristics, uses, advantages and disadvantages

On numerous occasions a bouquet of dried flowers it can be an important element for decoration. There are numerous ways to make dried flowers at home and there are some techniques to make them look better. Dried flowers are those that have undergone a transformation process so that the period of duration is greater than […]

Tips for having an Alpine Violet all year round

As I have told you on some other occasion, the Alpine Violet o Peach cyclamen It is a plant that I love and I enjoy watching it grow. It is noble and resistant, with the strange virtue that it is one of the few plants whose flowers remain standing during the cold season. Having an […]

When and how to water an orchid?

Some say that orchids are the queens of the world of flowers. Their elegance and bold colors make these plants look spectacular in tropical gardens or even indoors. However, you can’t give them any kind of water to drinkas they could start to have problems right away. They are not very complicated plants; in fact, […]

Lavender: characteristics, properties and differences with lavender

The lavender It is a plant that still continues to confuse many people today since they confuse it with lavender. Both belong to the Lamiaceae family but have differences in terms of characteristics and chemical composition. Both have a different origin and also different uses. In this article we are going to tell you all […]

Coreopsis tinctoria: characteristics, cultivation and care

Today we are going to talk about a herbaceous plant that has beautiful flowers and is widely used in gardening. It’s about the Coreopsis tinctoria. It is a plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family, whose group has a great variety of flowers, all of them with their special charm. It is also known by […]

Planting geraniums: when and how to do it

Geraniums are plants that look great in a space as small as a balcony, patio or terrace. Their size is not that it is very small, but they are not excessively large either. This means that we can have them practically where we want, and that we only have to worry about taking care of […]

What is the meaning of the yellow tulip. We tell you in detail

When giving a flower to someone, it is interesting to know what message we will be transmitting with it. Thus, we can choose the most appropriate depending on the relationship we have with that loved one. This time I’m going to tell you what the meaning of the yellow tulipa very showy bulbous flower capable […]

What are preserved flowers and how are they cared for?

Image – Flickr / Tokyo Cervantes Institute If you are one of those who enjoys decorating the home with natural flowers, you will surely love preserved flowers. With them, you can make bouquets to put on the table, or arrangements like the one you can see in the image above. In addition, as the drying […]

Harlequina: characteristics, conservation, uses and care

Today we are going to talk about a plant with very beautiful flowers that belongs to the Iridaceae family. It’s about the harlequin. Within the genus Sparaxis we have about 12 bulbous species native to South Africa. Among them, the tricolor Sparaxis stands out, which is known by the common names harlequina, Esparaxis and Flor […]

Papaver orientale: the most beautiful poppy for decoration

Today we are going to talk about a beautiful, attractive plant that makes it perfect for gardens due to its high ornamental value. It’s about the Oriental papaver. Its common name is oriental poppy and it is the most widely used of all poppy varieties. It can be used to decorate both indoors and outdoors […]

10 Easy To Grow Wildflowers For The Garden Or Pot

In the fields it is possible to find wild flowers of great beautyespecially during the spring. In these places there are so many plants that the competition between them is enormous; therefore, they strive to produce their flowers as quickly as possible, to be the first to pollinate. This battle for the survival of the […]

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