Myosotis sylvatica: A plant with beautiful deep blue flowers

Plant Myosotis sylvatica It is also known as “forget me not” and it is of European origin, it is considered as a short-lived perennial, in this sense its behavior is biannual. Its size is medium and there are some varieties originating in America and New Zealand.


small purple flowers of the Myosotis sylvatica plant

They are characterized by hairy stems while the leaves are lance-shaped and small green in color, it generates flowers composed of 5 deep blue petalswhich are presented in fairly abundant clusters just when spring arrives.

Its rusticity makes it originate spontaneously in nature so it is very common to get it in the surroundings of the rivers, meadows and near mountains. Its development is a bit slow but it gradually takes over the space around it. Of these, about 50 species and a few subspecies are known.

Plant care Myosotis sylvatica

If you want to have this beautiful plant in the garden, terrace or patio of your home and that it grows healthy, just pay attention to the following tips:

the substrate

This must be very rich in nutrients and it is valid to mix it with perlite and mulch in equal parts, this applies if it is planted in a pot. If it is planted in a garden, it is necessary that the soil is rich in organic matter and is sufficiently drained.


This will depend a lot on the season of the year, for example, if it is summer the waterings must be continued avoiding at all costs that the substrate dries but without letting the water pool in it. Now in spring, autumn and winter it does not need so much watering, only that the soil remains moist.

This is a plant not very tolerant to droughtbut overwatering also hurts a lot. Before each irrigation it is essential to measure the humidity of the soil. You can be guided by the weight of the pot since if the soil is wet it will weigh more. In any case, the average watering is 4 times a week in summer and 1 to 2 times a week in the other seasons.


Fertilizers are necessary if you want a beautiful, lush plant with abundant flowers. Summer and spring are the ideal seasons to apply itit must contain natural compounds such as humus, guano, compost or manure.


The plant called Myosotis sylvatica does not need pruning, you can keep it nice and healthy just by removing the flowers and leaves that have dried.


bouquet of bluish or purple flowers

This is carried out by means of the seeds that must be planted at the end of summer or in autumn since it needs temperatures between 15º and 18º, for an early flowering. Likewise, it is important that you carry out this step by step to the letter, so that flowering is early and abundant the following spring:

  • Use trays with large alveoli or containers of about 5 cm., There a mixture of sand and peat is placed in identical parts. This way the substrate will have good drainage.
  • Place 2 seeds if they are alveoli or 3 if it is a larger container where they should be placed in a triangular manner, then covered with a light layer of soil.
  • It vaporizes generously and is covered with plastic to keep the moisture in.
  • The seedbed is located in an illuminated place but that is always shaded or protected from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the substrate moist, but it is recommended to avoid the appearance of mold and fungus, lift the plastic daily for half an hour.

With all these cares the Myosotis sylvatica It will germinate between the following 7 and 15 days, there you must select with the strongest shoots. During the winter they must be protected from the cold and in spring they will be ready to plant, thus giving flowers of great beauty.

Myosotis sylvatica: A plant with beautiful deep blue flowers

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