Meet Aleppo pine, a tree of the Mediterranean

Today I am going to talk to you about one of those trees that, without even deciding, you can save its image and keep it forever, because even if it is not a plant that is cultivated for its beauty, protects you from the intense summer sun every time you go on an excursion to the Mediterranean coast.

Indeed, this article will be dedicated to Aleppo pinea tremendously resistant tree that is capable of withstand very long periods of drought.

Pinus halepensis leaves

Our protagonist is scientifically known as propagating through a pine forest (Pinus halepensis).. With a height of 25 meters and a wide canopy of four meters, is the perfect candidate for shade. Although it is native to the Mediterranean region, it is a species that has been used for years to repopulate forests in a large part of the peninsula, where it has currently managed to become wild in such a way that it competes for the space of other plants typical of these zones.

Its growth rate is one of the highest in the Pinaceae genus. If the conditions are good and you have enough soil and moisture, it can grow one meter in a period of two to three years. It has green needles that fall throughout the year, while renewing them.

Halepensis pine in Cabo da Roca

It grows in limestone soils, from sea level to 1600m of altitude. It can withstand very light and brief frosts of up to 4 degrees below zerobut if the temperature is lower, it will suffer damage and may have a hard time sprouting in the course of the following spring.

A fact to highlight is that also supports sea salt. In fact, it can be seen growing on different beaches of our beloved Our sea. So, if you live in a warm-temperate and very dry area, the Aleppo pine is a tree that will give you many satisfactions without requiring maintenance.

Meet Aleppo pine, a tree of the Mediterranean

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