Cercis, a very beautiful tree

If you want to add color to your garden or green space, you can plant one of those colorful trees that year after year renew their foliage and they give us a range of shades.

Usually it is Trees of feeble leaves that in the cold season they become thin and anorexic but the good thing is that after such a diet when the summer season looms they star in the scene and they become beautiful and showy.

The magic of the Cercis

One of these trees that, I like to say, come with a surprise is the Cercisalso known as the master treeI roam well judas tree and even mad Algarrobo. Its scientific name is You are looking for a forest L. and derives from the Greek word Cercis, which refers to the shape of the fruit and the flower. Belongs to the family Fabaceae and it is associated with love for the beautiful color of its pink flowers and the heart shape of its leaves.


Flowering occurs between April and May and that is when the tree becomes intense and the protagonist. But the good thing lasts a short time so you have to wait for the next season to see its beautiful flowers again because when the weather turns colder the flowers fall, not the fruits that remain during the winter although in their pods.

Due to its natural beauty, it is common for the Cercis to be planted in shady areas or next to walks and paths. In these cases, it is common for it to be pruned for ornamental reasons, something that does not alter its health.

Cercis needs

This species can reach a height of up to 12 meters and the good thing is that it can adapt to any terrain although he prefers those who are deep, with good drainage and limestone. A great requirement is the Sun exposure and it is also a tree that prefers a warm climate although it supports low temperatures and is resistant to drought. We must be careful with watering as it does not tolerate puddles.


Before planting a cercis, you have to observe how the wind circulates in the place because if it is very strong it can break the stems, which leads the tree to rot. On the other hand, it is recommended not to transplant it then its central root, which is very long, can be affected. For it to be in better condition, it is recommended to add compost once a year and before flowering.

Cercis, a very beautiful tree

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